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How is technology reshaping and disrupting industries?

The constant reshaping of industries by technology, coupled with its accelerating pace of change, presents businesses and consumers with new opportunities and challenges.

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The Next Frontier of Business Transformation

Covid, Russia/Ukraine, and technological change have upended business models and led to structural changes in supply chains and industries over the past few years.

AI looks set to continue that transformational change. McKinsey research forecasts that generative AI could add up to $4.4 trillion in GDP with 75% of value coming across customer operations, marketing and sales, software engineering and R&D. It will change the nature of work across sectors with life sciences, high tech and banking forecast to experience the biggest change.

Opportunities for cost savings through labour replacement will drive adoption in the short run, but companies will also need to disrupt their business models before AI start ups disrupt them instead. Those that don’t keep up will be left behind. And companies of all sizes will grapple with the dual challenges of investing in the right technological tools, and access to the best talent, in the years ahead.

Transformative Technologies: The Dawn of a New Era

Transformative technologies are disrupting and changing our world at pace, underpinned by developments in core technical research. From new neural network techniques to changes in clinical drug trials, research is creating new opportunities.

In AI, money is pouring into research. Anthropic have raised nearly $1 billion following their latest funding round, while Microsoft have invested $10 billion into OpenAI. Labs are investing in computing and talent to develop the next generation of foundational models and looking for breakthrough developments. Their research is also covering safety: what are the most effective methods to evaluate model capabilities? Which safety techniques should be prioritised? And how do we ultimately solve alignment? Researchers, engineers and scientists are tackling these challenges today.

More widely, technologies from BioTech to Quantum are seeing incredible changes. Gene editing and personalised medicine offer huge opportunities and healthcare systems are evaluating how they can use them best. Record investments in Quantum Computing, with $ 2.4 billion raised by startups in 2022, are a sign of increased momentum. The Nobel Prize in Physics went to researchers pioneering quantum entanglement, whilst researchers developed a roadmap for a quantum processor with thousands of qubits by 2025. With increased computing power continuing to drive progress, this could be the decade where quantum technologies finally fulfil their promise.

What is the CogX Festival?

The CogX Festival started in 2017 to focus attention on the rising impact of AI on Industry, Government and Society, a subject which has never been higher on the global agenda. Over 6 years, CogX has now evolved to be a Festival of Inspiration, Impact and Transformational Change, with its mission to address the question: “How do we get the next 10 years right?”.

With our expansion to The O2, it will be our biggest and most impactful Festival to date. The new venue allows us to both maximise impact through inclusivity and scale whilst simultaneously delivering an unrivalled programme for executives. We expect an audience consisting of entrepreneurs and CEOs, students from over 100 universities, and academics, activists, artists, and policy makers who make up our community.

Past speakers include Jensen Huang, CEO Nvidia, John Kerry, former US Secretary of State, Margrethe Vestager EU Commissioner for Competition, Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland, Martin Sorrell and the great Nile Rodgers.

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Take the opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge by attending workshops, keynote sessions and intimate Q&A sessions with our speakers.

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