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All Festival ticket holders (excluding Platinum) must select GLS session add-ons to gain access to the Global Leadership Summit. We're continuously adding new speakers and sessions to the lineup every day!

GLS Session 1 (Sept 12th AM): State of AI

As generative AI is set to revolutionise the world as we know it, the Global Leadership Summit opens with world-renowned AI thinkers offering their perspectives on the state of AI, ahead of taking a deeper dive into their areas of expertise on the Deep Tech stage.

• Rana El Kaliouby - AI Thought Leader, Investor, Machine Learning Scientist and Deputy CEO at Smart Eye
• Jürgen Schmidhuber - Director, AI Initiative, KAUST, KSA; Scientific Director, Swiss AI Lab IDSIA...
• Thomas Wolf - Co-founder and CSO, Hugging Face
• Stuart Russell - Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, UC-Berkeley
• Dr. Ebtesam Almazrouei - Executive Director and Acting Chief AI Researcher, Al-Cross Center Unit, Technology Innovation Institute (TII)
GLS Session 1 (Sept 12th AM): Close encounters of the AI kind

Humans have just encountered an alien intelligence, here on earth. It has come not from outer space, but from our own laboratories. AI is an alien intelligence that thinks in a radically different way than humans, and already surpasses us in many fields. How will our encounter with AI change our jobs, our love life, and our politics? Will AI drive humans to extinction, or can humanity rise to the challenge and join forces with AI to create a better world for all? Embark on a journey with Yuval Noah Harari, a distinguished thinker and one of our era's bestselling authors, to answer these questions.

• Yuval Noah Harari - Author, Historian & Philosopher
• Gillian Tett - Editor-at-large, Financial Times
GLS Session 1 (Sept 12th AM): Flipping the script for our future

What does it take to lead effectively and humanely in an era of rapid technological progress? Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah discusses the need to reimagine the concept of “leadership” for the modern era, and inject humanity into global conversations on our planet’s greatest challenges.

• Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan
GLS Session 1 (Sept 12th AM): Geopolitics in the age of AI

Artificial Intelligence is poised to revolutionise geopolitics in unprecedented ways. From enhanced military capabilities to economic competitiveness down to the more nefarious ends of disinformation and influence campaigns. Join globally renowned thought leader and political scientist Ian Bremmer for this fascinating journey into this complex new political terrain.

• Ian Bremmer - Founder & President, Eurasia Group
GLS Session 2 (Sept 12th PM): Race to net zero

In this opening session, which kicks off an afternoon of compelling content focused on climate, security and the future of energy, expert speakers will discuss the climate emergency and actions we can all take to mitigate a global disaster.

• Erik Solheim - Former Minister of Climate and the Environment, Norway
• Simon Hunt - Technology and Business Correspondent, The Evening Standard
• Caroline Cochran - COO, Oklo
• Arizona Muse - Sustainability Consultant, Model & Activist
• Baroness Bryony Worthington - Architect of UK's Climate Change Act
GLS Session 2 (Sept 12th PM): Antoine Rostand: Environmental intelligence

Antoine Rostand is the co-founder of Kayrros, the leader in environmental intelligence and asset observation technology. With the largest and most cost- effective database of more than 3 million energy, power and industry assets mapped across multiple sectors and geographies, Kayrros is trusted by the largest market players to provide accurate, critical insights on reducing greenhouse gases, protecting people ecosystems and assets, and managing the energy transition.

• Antoine Rostand - President & Co-Founder, Kayyrros
• Tania Bryer - CNBC
GLS Session 2 (Sept 12th PM): Michelle Donelan, Secretary of State for DSIT keynote

Michelle Donelan, Secretary of State for the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology addresses the CogX Festival.

• Michelle Donelan - Secretary of State, Department for Science, Innovation, Technology
GLS Session 2 (Sept 12th PM): What we owe the future

The human species faces innumerable challenges to its long-term survival, including climate change, generative AI, bio-terrorism and nuclear conflict. A panel of the world’s most prominent thinkers, philosophers and ethicists discuss how we should consider these threats in the wider lens, and the action needed to avert disaster.

• William MacAskill - Associate Professor in Philosophy, Global Priorities Institute, University of Oxford
• Jaan Tallinn - Cofounder, Faculty
• Hannah Ritchie - Deputy Editor and Lead Researcher, Our World in Data
• Dr. Hannah Fry - Author & Associate Professor in the Mathematics of Cities, Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at UCL
GLS Session 2 (Sept 12th PM): AI: Trust and security

AI and quantum computing have enormous potential to enhance capability, but they may also pose existential threats in areas including war, cyber, terrorism and energy security. Our expert panel will discuss mitigating the risks of this advancing technology and safeguarding for the future.

• Alex Younger - Former Chief, Secret Intelligence Service (UK)
• Lila Tretikov - Deputy CTO, Microsoft
• David Van Weel - Assistant Secretary General, NATO
• Polly Curtis - CEO, Demos
GLS Session 3 (Sept 13th AM): Emad Mostaque: Activating humanity's potential through AI

Emad Mostaque is the founder and CEO of Stability AI, which focuses on building the foundation to activate humanity's potential through AI. In this session Mostaque will discuss his groundbreaking work and key areas of current focus.

• Emad Mostaque - Founder & CEO, Stability AI
GLS Session 3 (Sept 13th AM): A new era of semiconductor industry impact on economics and politics

Dr. Huang is Chairman/CEO of Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation and Chairman of Taiwan Advanced Automotive Technology Development Association. In this fireside conversation he joins techUK's Sue Daley to discuss a new era of semiconductor industry impact on economics and politics.

• Frank Huang - Chairperson, PSMC
• Sue Daley - Director, Tech and Innovation, techUK
GLS Session 3 (Sept 13th AM): A fireside with Reid Hoffman on AI and the art of the possible Copy

For Silicon Valley legend, Reid Hoffman, AI is providing unprecedented opportunities to amplify our humanity, not diminish it. Yet he also acknowledges it is not without significant risks. In this wide ranging keynote conversation, the cofounder of LinkedIn and Inflection AI, and former board member of Open AI, discusses what practical steps society should take to ensure that AI enhances what is best about being human, while mitigating any risks that may arise.

• Reid Hoffman - Cofounder of LinkedIn, Cofounder of Inflection AI, Partner at Greylock
• Alice Bentinck - Cofounder, Entrepreneur First
GLS Session 3 (Sept 13th AM): AI is coming and we are not prepared

Mustafa Suleyman, one of the pioneers of AI, describes how AI and large language models will revolutionise our daily lives and drive irreversible changes in society. His new book, "The Coming Wave," combines a stark warning and a hopeful guide, exploring the unprecedented potential and risks posed by the tremendous proliferation of intelligence and raw power in history.

• Mustafa Suleyman - Co-founder & CEO, Inflection AI
• Kate Russell - Technology reporter & Author
GLS Session 4 (Sept 13th PM): Implementing science fiction

Great advancements in science and technology give us new tools every day. Each one is a chance to ask ourselves, "does this change anything that humans do?" Could we do something faster? Cheaper? Better? In a more humane way? Sometimes the answer is yes, and these inventions are the force multipliers that we can use to make the future more awesome. Pablos Holman is a deep tech venture capitalist coming to share some of these recent breakthroughs that can help solve the biggest problems in the world.

• Pablos Holman - Hacker, Inventor, Futurist and General Partner, Deep Future
GLS Session 4 (Sept 13th PM): AI + Quantum: Unlocking the power of simulation for the world's biggest challenges

Jack Hidary will discuss the potential for AI and quantum technologies (AQ) to transform nearly every industry, right now, years before quantum computers arrive. His talk will focus on promising breakthroughs leveraging quantum simulation, which empowers researchers to investigate chemical and material properties at the molecular level with unprecedented precision and answer questions previously accessible only through costly and time-consuming lab experiments, including accelerating drug discovery for “undruggable” conditions like cancer and Alzheimer’s.

• Jack Hidary - Serial Entrepreneur & CEO, Sandbox AQ
GLS Session 4 (Sept 13th PM): Living the real you: A discussion with Steven Bartlett

In this candid fireside conversation Steven Bartlett will discuss what it takes to build resilience amid today's turbulent culture, nurturing mental health in the workplace, unlocking your true self, and fostering tools for a healthier and more balanced headspace.

• Steven Bartlett - Entrepreneur & Podcaster, Diary of a CEO
GLS Session 4 (Sept 13th PM): Catalysing a new health age: The future of health, medicine & longevity

The convergence of accelerating technologies, from AI and synthetic biology, to digital health, augmented reality and robotics is enabling a transformation in health & wellness, diagnostics and therapy and the potential to meaningfully extend healthspan. We'll explore the art of the possible and implications for what's next.

• Dr. Daniel Kraft - Physician, Scientist, Innovator, & Entrepreneur, Founder & Partner
GLS Session 4 (Sept 13th PM): Future of health

A panel of prominent medical experts, doctors and scientists discuss the latest technological advances in longevity, from breakthroughs in gene therapy to new DNA modelling.

• Chris Wigley - CEO, Genomics England
• Cosima Gretton - Director of Clinical Feedback at Our Future Health
• Prof. Molly Stevens - Professor of Biomedical Materials & Regenerative Medicine, Imperial College London
• Moderator - Natasha Loder - Health Editor, The Economist
GLS Session 5 (Sept 14th AM): The Future of Industries welcome

MC Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon opens a morning of sessions focused on The Future of Industries

• Anne-Marie Imafidon - Head Stemette, CEO & Co-Founder, Stemettes
GLS Session 5 (Sept 14th AM): Sarah Munby Permanent Secretary, Department for Science, Innovation and Technology, opening remarks

In the opening address on a morning of content dedicated to The Future of Industries, Sarah Munby, Permanent Secretary, Department for Science, Innovation and Technology sets out her agenda.

• Sarah Munby - Permanent Secretary, Department for Science, Innovation and Technology ( DSIT )
GLS Session 5 (Sept 14th AM): Stephen Fry: Utilising technology as a force for good

In his Future of Industries keynote, celebrated actor, author, director, comedian and broadcaster Stephen Fry will discuss the ways we can use technology as a force for good, how we can rethink the whole idea of what we mean by 'work' and ways we can champion mental well-being by the use of storytelling and open conversation.

• Stephen Fry - Actor, Writer, Presenter
GLS Session 5 (Sept 14th AM): How serious are the returns of AI to businesses? To governments? To us all?

Is this a transformational moment? And if so, how should business, governments and us best prepare?

• Doug Gurr - Chair of The Board of Trustees - The Alan Turing Institute
GLS Session 5 (Sept 14th AM): The future of fashion

Key leaders in the fashion space discuss how they're utilising new technologies to supercharge sustainable fashion and how consumers can help drive change.

• Veronica Chou
GLS Session 5 (Sept 14th AM): Wikipedia and generative AI - what does the future hold?

Jimmy Wales is an influential internet entrepreneur, wiki pioneer, and tech visionary. Founder of Wikipedia, the largest free-content online encyclopedia, and the Wikimedia Foundation, he co-founded Fandom (formerly Wikia), a top 20 website offering pop culture communities. His latest venture, WikiTribune Social, is a unique ad-free platform designed to enhance online conversations in a trust-based social network. In this keynote session Wales will explore the impact of generative AI on Wikipedia, publishing and culture.

• Jimmy Wales - Founder of Wikipedia
• Anne-Marie Imafidon - Head Stemette, CEO & Co-Founder, Stemettes
GLS Session 5 (Sept 14th AM): The Futures of Intelligence

Es Devlin & Suhair Khan in conversation on imagination and the creative futures of intelligence. Connecting the work and ideas of a technologist with one of the worlds' leading design stars. A conversation on how we channel the concept of intelligence beyond the language of "AI" - with a lens on creativity, empathy and imagination. A discussion which will span both their practices in technology, design, innovation and future-thinking.

• Es Devlin - Artist & Stage Designer
• Suhair Khan - Technology Entrepreneur & Creative Leader
GLS Session 6 (Sept 14th PM): The avatar & the virtual stage: Navigating the new realities of film production

Explore a new frontier of filmmaking where virtual stages meet hyper realistic avatars, offering unparalleled control over every facet of film production. Engage with experts who are advancing not just the visuals, but also the ethics, allowing creators to own and control their data. This collaborative approach fuses top-tier software engineering with state-of-the-art stage design, shifting the paradigm and redefining what's possible in the realm of digital storytelling.

• Tom Graham - CEO and Co-Founder, Metaphysic
GLS Session 6 (Sept 14th PM): Ecology and creative AI

Alisa Andrasek & Marzia Niccolai, moderated by Suhair K on the intersection of ecology, creativity & intelligence. Suhair Khan moderating a conversation with three game-changing cross-disciplinary creatives - each working solving for climate/ecology driven solutions. This conversation explores their creative work using AI and emerging technologies as a tool in their practices of art, design and architecture.

• Alisa Andrasek
• Marzia Niccolai
• Suhair Khan - Google Strategy + Arts & Culture, Google
GLS Session 6 (Sept 14th PM): Highs and lows: A life of learnings in the world of media & technology: Jeffrey Katzenberg

With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Katzenberg is a pioneer who continues to shape the media and technology landscape, having led some of the most iconic companies in the entertainment industry, including The Walt Disney Studios, Paramount Pictures, and DreamWorks. He has produced some of the most successful movies of all time, including Shrek, Madagascar and The Lion King. Katzenberg will share a life of learnings in the world of media and technology and offer his unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

• Jeffrey Katzenberg - Founding Partner, WndrCo
• Maithreyi Seetharaman - Founder, Facultas Media
GLS Session 6 (Sept 14th PM): Creative visionaries: AI and the machine inspired voice

Internationally acclaimed AI artist Harry Yeff uses AI to question the limit of his own voice, an opponent like duet and mentorship that pushes to new-voice and expression. Already among the best beatboxers in the world, Yeff’s lines of pursuit training with machines have pushed his capabilities into realms that truly begin to sound un-, non-, or posthuman. Join Yeff as he performs and discusses his work with LJ Rich in the Global Leadership Summit finale.

• Harry Yeff (aka Reeps100) - Artist, Technologist, Founder of Voice Gems
• Moderator - LJ Rich - Music Artist, MC, TV Presenter
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