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Insights from global scaling leaders in AI

Want to gain unparalleled perspectives from influential pioneers in the UK's AI landscape? Join us as we ask sector-defining founders about the challenges and opportunities of building unicorn AI scaleups. Discover their invaluable learnings in this era of AI 2.0 and uncover the strategies that have propelled their success.


Leadership Stage

11:15 - 11:45

Nigel Toon

CEO and co-founder, Graphcore

Sachin Dev Duggal

CEO & Co-Founder,

Poppy Gustafsson

CEO, Darktrace

Sana Khareghani

Professor of Practice in AI at King's College London and AI Policy lead for Responsible AI UK


Augmented Reality Reality realityyyyyyyyyy

Generative AI

Lets get phygital: how the world of shopping is changing

With eCommerce growing at an exponential rate and customers seeking a more personalised touch, how can brands create the ultimate omnichannel experience to satisfy needs? We will discuss the technology shaping the future of shopping and explore the latest e-commerce tools. Is it going to be all about augmented reality and GenAI?


Founders Stage

14:30 - 15:15

Dirk Hoerig

Co-founder and CEO, commercetools

Adam Warne

CIO, River Island

Mary Hanbury

Associate Editor, Business Insider

Climate Change

Future of Energy


Race to net zero

In this opening session, which kicks off an afternoon of compelling content focused on climate, security and the future of energy, expert speakers will discuss the climate emergency and actions we can all take to mitigate a global disaster.


DeepTech Stage

13:00 - 13:45

Erik Solheim

Former Minister of Climate and the Environment, Norway

Simon Hunt

Technology and Business Correspondent, The Evening Standard

Caroline Cochran

COO, Oklo

Arizona Muse

Sustainability Consultant, Model & Activist

Baroness Bryony Worthington

Architect of UK's Climate Change Act

Applied AI



AI: Trust and security

AI and quantum computing have enormous potential to enhance capability, but they may also pose existential threats in areas including war, cyber, terrorism and energy security. Our expert panel will discuss mitigating the risks of this advancing technology and safeguarding for the future.


Industry Stage

11:00 - 12:00

Alex Younger

Former Chief, Secret Intelligence Service (UK)

Lila Tretikov

Deputy CTO, Microsoft

David Van Weel

Assistant Secretary General, NATO

Generative AI


Applied AI

State of AI

As generative AI is set to revolutionise the world as we know it, the Global Leadership Summit opens with world-renowned AI thinkers offering their perspectives on the state of AI, ahead of taking a deeper dive into their areas of expertise on the Deep Tech stage.


Leadership Stage

10:00 - 10:45

Jürgen Schmidhuber

Director, AI Initiative, KAUST, KSA; Scientific Director, Swiss AI Lab IDSIA...

Rana El Kaliouby

AI Thought Leader, Investor, Machine Learning Scientist and Deputy CEO at Smart Eye

Thomas Wolf

Co-founder and CSO, Hugging Face

Stuart Russell

Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, UC-Berkeley

Dr. Ebtesam Almazrouei

Executive Director and Acting Chief AI Researcher, Al-Cross Center Unit, Technology Innovation Institute (TII)

Timezone - Pacific Standard Time (PST)

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