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14:00 - 14:45

13 June


Chaos Theory: Strengthening the global supply chain Next Gen Infrastructure

Recent and current events exposed the vulnerabilities of the global supply chains and accelerated the transformation needed to make them more resilient and sustainable.

Hear the discussion on how advanced digital technology could help mitigate risks in our just-in-time and globalized distribution systems and make them more resilient, greener and more efficient.

Attendees will also hear about the recently launched UK-wide initiative aiming to address key challenges within the supply chain through accelerating digital innovation, collaboration and sharing of knowledge.

Ben Ramsden

Partnerships Manager of Digital Supply Chains - Digital Catapult

Yue Jin Tay

Vice President of Sales of APAC - Circulor

Kim Lloyd

Commercial Director - SupplyVue

Nick Davies

Director Centre for Digital Trade and Innovation - ICC

Festival Stage 1 

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