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18:15 - 18:15

13 June


Day 1: Closing remarks

Open Web end-of-day wrap-up is led by Matthew Gardiner.

Matthew is focused on developing a sustainable and inclusive future driven by digital finance.

He sits on several advisory boards and has invested in and advised FTSE 100 companies, financial institutions AI, crypto,
Web3 & DeFi platforms & exchanges, VCs, CVs and institutional investors on scaling with token presales, ICOs, & Tradfi
instruments in excess of $2bn.

He has a deep network of established and emerging leaders. In ESG, AI, Web3, NFTs, DeFi, , financial institutions and their
regulators in N America, Europe, APAC & GCC.

Matthew has given keynote speeches on and moderated panels with senior industry figures at central banks, financial
institutions and international conferences including Money2020, Institutional Investor, AIM Summit, The Turning Trust and
The Global Leaders Forum.

Matthew is a mentor to leading Fintech accelerators, visiting faculty at The Royal College of Art and the Asian Banking School,
and a founding member of Techfugees, a global tech based charity focused on refugees.

Matthew Gardiner

Founder - A1 AI - New centres of Gravity for Financial Services

Open Web Forum

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