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14:25 - 14:45

15 June


Higher highs & higher lows: What's next after the $1 trillion crash?

Each crypto cycle seems to usher in a new epoch of innovation and use cases, from Bitcoin to altcoins, smart contracts and ICOs and more recently NFTs and Layer 2s. These epochs have been marked by higher highs and higher lows, as new use cases drive increased network usage and real utility, independent of prices.

So what can we expect after the recent crypto and defi contraction? What are the catalysts and when? How will the next epoch be ushered in?

Whatever the future may hold, it probably won’t be boring!

Hear from Jeremy Millar, Chief Development Officer of Consensys, discuss these issues and Consensys’ view on the market and current cycle.

Jeremy Millar

Chief Development Officer - Consensys

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