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15:45 - 16:15

15 June

Samsung KX

Designing an online world for the well-being of children featuring the LEGO Group

Digital technologies offer children unprecedented prospects for online education, entertainment, social connection and active participation in society, but this is not without risks, such as exposure to disinformation or harmful online content. What should business, government and regulators be doing to strike a balance between mitigating online risks while ensuring children continue to have access to the benefits of digital technology? What practical steps can we take to build in the well-being of children into products and services and what could this look like in new frontier technologies – e.g metaverse.

William Perrin

Trustee - Carnegie UK

Anna Rafferty

Vice President of Digital Consumer Engagement - The LEGO Group

Fred Langford

Director of Trust & Safety Technology - Ofcom

Niamh Bushnell

Chief Marketing Officer - SoapBox Labs

Ida Hyllested

Interim Chief, Child Rights and Business - UNICEF


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