10:00 - 11:00

15th June

Samsung KX

The value of STEAM: How do we drive innovation and human connection in the post-pandemic world?

Open, original and optimistic — Festival UK 2022 is an unparalleled experiment in cross-sector creative ambition. Fusing creativity, innovation and technology, it can inspire millions and fuel a wider conversation about the critical role of creativity in society. In this session, we discuss the extraordinary potential of cross-sector collaboration, the unique context that Festival UK 2022 is being created in, and how technology can and should be used as a tool to enhance human connection.

Sophia Rödiger

Founder & CEO - bloXmove

Steven Bartlett

Founder of Social Chain, Speaker, Investor, Author and Podcast Host - Steven Bartlett Ltd. / Flight Story / Thirdweb

Victoria Baines

Visiting Research Fellow - Bournemouth University

Ted Chiang


Dambisa Moyo

Co-Principal, Global Economist, Author & Board Member - Versaca Investments

Christian Angermayer

Co-founder & Chairman - Apeiron Investment Group

Florian Brand

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder - atai Life Sciences

Dan Jeavons

Vice President Computational Science and Digital Innovation - Shell

Nicola Rosa

Metaverse Strategy & Extended Reality Europe Lead - Accenture