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2023 Festival Themes & Topics

Having started in 2017 focused on the “Impact of AI”, over the past six years, CogX has continuously evolved, embracing a wider spectrum of topics ranging from Health and Climate tech to Ethics and Global Leadership, while maintaining our expertise in the field of AI.


With 2023 being declared the 'Year of AI,' AI is even more prominentently integrated into all aspects of our Festival’s content programme. We aim to explore the significant opportunities and challenges of our time, igniting inspiration among current and future generations through thought-provoking sessions.


To achieve our mission, we have meticulously curated world-class speakers with an unwavering focus on both breadth and depth. Their diverse perspectives and profound domain expertise will be showcased across our 10+ Content Programmes, ensuring a rich and enlightening experience for all attendees.

We're at a turning point where Generative AI's limitless potential meets cinema. As we navigate this era of rapid innovation, the balance between progress and ethics becomes critical. Join us for enlightening dialogues and live demonstrations, and help shape a transformative, ethically-balanced future for the moving image.

Cinema & AI
Crossing the threshold.

From retooling our energy systems, setting the circular world in motion, powering up mobility, energy transition and innovation, to bolstering nature and inspiring world-wide societal change. Hear from the thinkers and innovators leading the way in sustainability.

Climate & Future of Energy
Innovation in global sustainability.

Learn how AI, Cyber and Quantum are changing our world, how these technologies will affect your sector and how we can harness deep technology for the benefits of all.

Deeptech - AI, Cyber & Quantum
The next great wave of innovation.

Learn from the thinkers, policy makers, technologists, institutions and businesses about how the global economy is transforming and also the revolution occurring in the way we learn and work.

Economy, Future of Work & Education
Reimagining learning, working and economics.

This programme examines the most recent findings about the broader impact of technology on society and celebrates ethical champions. Explores the challenges with biases and how to make AI fairer for all.

Ethics & Society
Making technology and AI fairer for all.

Learn the latest thinking, best practices, current issues, and market conditions with advice from leading founders, VCs, executives, Funds and entrepreneurs from around the world.

Growth - Startup to IPO & Beyond
Learn from the best and most exciting startups in the world.

In depth sessions on the future of healthcare and wellbeing - from preventative health, epigenetics, psychedelics, longevity and play, we look at the transformational change we will see in health and wellbeing in 2023 and beyond.

Healthcare & Wellbeing
The transformation of healthcare and wellness.

Hear from global thought leaders on the biggest subjects from around the world. From Heads of State to Global CEOs, Nobel Prize winners to groundbreaking Artists as we focus on the main theme of the Festival: ‘how to get the next 10 years right’.

The brightest minds on the biggest subjects from around the world.

As the worlds of technology and creativity continue to collide, join us to hear cutting edge thinking on a new era of cultural transformation. Hear how emerging technologies like the metaverse, NFT’s, 5G and AI will reshape the way we engage with art….and how art will engage with us.

Music, Arts & Createch
The intersection of emerging technologies and culture.

Learn about the latest technology making the difference across Business and Society. Hear from industry experts on how a new intersection of technologies is transforming the worlds of retail, automotive, manufacturing and the public sector.

True Tech Transformation
The breakthrough tech making the difference.

Discover how the worlds of gaming, Web3 and the metaverse are expanding and combining in extraordinary ways and radicalising the way we interact with the online world. From Blockchain to eSports and from OpenWeb services to VR/AR/XR- it is all here for you to explore.

Web3, Metaverse & Gaming
Reinventing the way we interact with the online world.
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