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CogX Executive Programme

Exclusive to Platinum Pass Holders Only

Convening leaders from business, government, science and academia from around the world our exclusive GLS Exec Programme is designed to allow for c-suite networking, discussion, planning and action.

Executive Networking - Network with your peers in our multiple private lounges across all Festival locations

Competitive Insight - Exclusive access to themed Executive Suites (hosted on Level 2 & 3 in the O2) and the GLS Q&A Stage (where our headlining GLS Speakers come to speak with an intimate audience)

Maximising Your Time - Fast access and reserved Global Leadership Summit stage seating as well as a pre-event and onsite concierge service

  • Explore the key issues impacting our world now.

    Global Outlook & Leadership

    Hear from Heads of State to Business leaders, Nobel Prize winners to groundbreaking Scientists as we explore the key issues impacting our world now and the lessons we can learn for the transformational decade ahead.

  • Exploring some of the key challenges and opportunities for Global Stability.

    Global Stability, Climate & Future of Energy

    From the importance of energy transition and innovation to evolving our political systems, macroeconomics and national security.

  • Learn how AI, Cyber and Quantum are changing our world.

    True Tech Transformation: from AI to Quantum

    The latest thinking on the next great wave of innovation in what could be the most transformative period of modern human history. Learn how AI, Cyber and Quantum are changing our world and how we can harness deep technology for the benefit of all.

  • Hear from the leading thinkers, scientists, technologists and practitioners.

    Health, Wellbeing and Longevity

    Hear from the leading thinkers, scientists, technologists and practitioners on the future of healthcare and well-being and longevity. From preventative health, epigenetics, psychedelics, longevity and mental health.

  • Learn about the latest technology making a difference across Business and Society.

    The Future of Industries - Financial Services,
    Automotive, Retail & Fashion

    Hear from industry experts on how a new intersection of technologies is transforming the worlds of finance, retail, automotive, manufacturing and the public sector.

  • Hear cutting-edge thinking on a new era of cultural transformation.

    CreaTech: Web3, Arts & Culture

    Discover how the worlds of art, gaming, Web3, AI and Culture are expanding and combining in extraordinary ways and radicalising the way we interact with the real and online world. As the worlds of technology and creativity continue to collide, join us to hear cutting-edge thinking on a new era of cultural transformation.

Global Leadership Summit Stage

Bringing together the world's most influential thinkers, innovators, and changemakers working across technology, business, government, science, the arts and academia to explore the biggest transformational opportunities of our time and address the question ‘How do we get the next 10 years right?’

Taking place within The O2 arena, each day is divided into AM and PM programmes each addressing a major global theme:

“Our mission is to help society realise the biggest transformational opportunities of our time, address the many complex challenges along the way and work to answer the question: how do we get the next 10 years right.”


Previous Attendees
Themed Executive Suites

Situated within The O2 arena, the Executive Suites provide the opportunity for themed flash talks, private executive networking, hospitality and uninterrupted views of the Global Leadership Summit Stage from luxury seats.

GLS Q&A Stage & Leaders Lounges

Take this opportunity to pose your questions to our world class Global Leadership Summit speakers on our intimate GLS Q&A stage and make the most of the serendipitous networking and F&B in the exclusive Leaders Lounge, both within The O2 arena and our Expo at Magazine London.

The “Loft” Exec Meeting Space

Make valuable connections - Use search or “recommended for you” on our CogX Festival app or our concierge service onsite and book 1:1 meetings in “the Loft”.

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