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Nina Schick

Author, AI advisor and public speaker

Steven Bartlett

Entrepreneur & Podcast host, The Diary Of A CEO

Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah

of Jordan

Stephen Fry

Actor, Writer, Presenter 

Yuval Noah Harari

Historian & Philosopher

Ian Bremmer

Founder of Eurasia Group, Eurasia Group

Rana El Kaliouby

AI Thought Leader, Investor, Machine Learning Scientist and Deputy CEO, Smart Eye

Reid Hoffman

Cofounder of LinkedIn, Cofounder of Inflection AI, Partner at Greylock

Tristan Harris

Co-founder, Center for Humane Technology

Chris Wigley

CEO, Genomics England

Pablos Holman

GP (Hacker, inventor, futurist) - Deep Future

Hannah Fry

Associate Professor, UCL

Hannah Ritchie

Deputy Editor and Lead Researcher, Our World in Data

Jürgen Schmidhuber

Dad of AI

Emad Mostaque

Founder, Stability AI

Si-Hui Tan

Chief Science Officer, Horizon Quantum Computing

Gillian Tett

Editor at large, Financial Times

Jimmy Wales

Founder of Wikipedia

Poppy Gustafsson

Chief Executive Officer, Darktrace

Mustafa Suleyman

Co-founder & CEO, Inflection AI

Meet our past speakers

Charlie Muirhead

7-8 May, Hosted at Fairmont Towers, LA

Europe’s leading, invitation-only festival of AI and transformational technology comes to LA. Join our global community of change makers and explore the hottest topics, from generative AI to climatetech and from life sciences to quantum.

Note that tickets will be 100% refundable if you’re unavailable to attend once we announce the dates, so LOCK IN this amazing discount today!

CogX Festival LA

AI & Transformational Tech.

Europe’s leading, invitation-only festival of AI and transformational technology comes to LA.

Engage with the best in thought leadership from around the world, discover incredible start-ups and see all the latest innovation in one place. Two days of thought-provoking panel discussions, intimate breakout sessions, briefings and fireside chats with global names.

6 Stages

Inspirational content

Intimate Q&A sessions

150+ Speakers

1,000 sqm Expo Space

3 Themes: AI & DeepTech, Industry Transformation, Global Leadership


Private dining and Hosting

A full day of immersion in all things AI.

Past Attendees
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