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CogX Patron Token

Thursday 23rd March 2022, London UK

CogX Announces Pioneering Festival Patron Token (NFT) Offering Lifetime Gold Passes, Year Round Access to Exclusive Events, and a Definitive Say in the Festival’s Future

Today for the 6th Edition of its annual leadership and technology Festival, CogX is announcing the launch of its pioneering Patron Programme and associated Patron Tokens (NFT).

The CogX Festival and its Leadership Summit is the largest and most inclusive platform for CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Academics, Artists, Activists & Policy Makers discussing the biggest transformational opportunities and challenges of our time, and addressing the question “How do we get the next 10 years right?”.

CogX Festival 2022 (June 13th-15th) will bring together 35,000 attendees and 1,000 thought leaders to speak across 20 topic tracks and over 100 side events to address the question “How do we get the next 10 years right?”

1st drop of 200 unique Founder Patron Tokens released today as first part of 10,000 NFT collection that will fund the event in perpetuity

10% of all sales, including the first £250k, will be donated to The UN Refugee Agency, Choose Love and UNICEF to assist the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine

CogX has always prioritised editorial content and value for its community over profit. The sale of this collection of 10,000 Patron Tokens enables CogX to fund the Festival in perpetuity, allowing the team the freedom to fully focus on this goal.

Tokens will be available to individuals and organisations. Each Token owner will receive a unique personalised artwork and rights including a Gold Festival Pass every year and year-round access to exclusive events and online community. They will also have the ability to propose and vote on changes to the Festival’s agenda, format and direction for years to come. Additionally, 10% of all sales, including the first £250k, will be donated to The UN Refugee Agency, Choose Love and UNICEF to assist the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

The first drop of 200 Founder Patron Tokens – which will have the highest level of owner benefits – are available to purchase today, constituting the first part of a 10,000 NFT collection. Even though the Token provides the owner a lifetime of Gold Passes and multiple other benefits, this limited drop will be offered at the price of a single Gold Pass of £2,495. Like other NFTs, owners will be able to resell their Patron Token on the open market.

Charlie Muirhead, Co-Founder & CEO of CogX Festival said:

“After 5 years of exponential growth we are excited to be taking this pioneering step of launching our Patron Token. My co-founder, Tabitha Goldstaub, and I have always put our editorial content, community and impact first, focusing on the critical question: “How do we get the next ten years right?” This innovative new model of funding events will enable us to do that for the long term.

Even better, the community will have a definitive say in the agenda, format and roadmap for years to come. Then to align everyone's interests, our vision is to take a further step by transitioning CogX to be the first community owned leadership and technology event in the world.”

Richard Muirhead, Managing Partner, Fabric Ventures, said:

“After working closely with the CogX team curating the Blockchain and open web track for 4 editions we are excited to see them announce this innovative use of NFTs to more than engage the community, actually putting it in the driving seat.”

The Festival started in 2017 with 1,300 attendees, 200 speakers with a focus on the Impact of AI on Industry, Government and Society. Having grown exponentially, in 2021 CogX reached an audience of over 840,000 viewers online. For 2022, the CogX Festival will bring together 35,000 attendees, over 1,000 speakers across 20 topic tracks and 11 stages set in the heart of London’s Knowledge Quarter from June 13th to 15th.

CogX is inviting 100s of partners to co-host side events in over 30 incredible affiliated restaurants and bars in Kings Cross. And the 2022 event will combine the magic of these intimate in person experiences with the broadcast scale and reach of 5 million viewers between live and catchup.

This will be the 3rd CogX Global Leadership Summit, which with tragic events unfolding in Ukraine will have a focus this year on the themes of Global Stability, Digital Transformation and the Future of Work.

This year's topics include: the Cutting Edge, Metaverse, Ethics & Society, Leadership, Climate, the Future of the Customer Experience and the Blockchain and the Open Web among many others.

CogX Patron Token allows owners to:

Attend the annual Festival with a Gold Pass

Gift a second Gold Pass to a charity

Shape the agenda, format and future direction of the event

Join an exclusive year-round online community and in-person events

Founder Patrons will also be able to attend this year’s Speakers Dinner

Propose the charities that together receive 10% of the annual budget

Limited edition Founder Patron Tokens are available to purchase for £2,495.00.

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