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Why we need a new generation of defence companies with NATO and Helsing - Cyber and Defence

How shifting geopolitical relationships, technology and global events mean we need a new generation of defence companies and what we need them to think more innovatively.

How will leaders mentally thrive in the next 10 years - Leadership

A discussion about human centric growth in the face of global change

The future of central banks and digital currencies featuring HSBC & IMF

CBDC's are gaining momentum globally but what could the future look like globally? Is the future of digital currencies a competition between anarchic, decentralised crypto and commercial monopolies or state-backed central bank digital currencies? How radically will CDBC's transform financial systems and the world of central banks as we know it? Join us as we explore these questions and more.

Global economic growth: The view from China and Europe

We explore what global economic growth looks like and focus on the view from China and Europe. What and where will economic growth come from? What the major risks and opportunities? Will inflation act as both the big destroyer and the big enabler and also what does healthy long term growth really look like?

Stakeholder capitalism: Why should business leaders care? - Global Economy

This session looks at the rise of Stakeholder Capitalism and why it is an important consideration for c-suite in their short and long-term strategic planning.

This panel will discuss how AI can provide wide-ranging stakeholder intelligence as a critical Stakeholder Capitalism benchmark for providing business leaders with “why?” stakeholders feel the way they do about business activities. In a world where decision-makers are drowning in data, this panel will also digest “how” this insight can be used to create opportunities that meet stakeholders’ expectations as businesses tackle an increasingly challenging reputational environment with the rise of boycotting and media storms, both on and offline.

How to accelerate the energy transition across multiple sectors

The energy transition is underway and accelerating, driven by public demand, policy, technology innovations, and economic forces. The greatest and fastest change will come from collaboration and broad coalitions of businesses, governments, and other parties, working sector by sector, to identify and then pursue decarbonisation pathways. What does it take to unlock the potential or rapid decarbonization across multiple sectors? How can industry or policymakers help to achieve this globally?

Media, Technology and Investment with Yossi Vardi and Charlie Muirhead

A fireside chat with Yossi Vardi looking at the role of Media and technology in volatile times

The business of entertainment: How tech is transforming the way we play

The way we experience art, gaming and media is changing radically and new ways of engaging and paying for art and artists are emerging at an incredible rate. Join us as we discuss everything from the ground-breaking Abba Voyage show to the mobile gaming revolution.

Bias in, bias out: Getting the next 10 years of speaking to machines right

Over the next 10 years how we communicate with machines will transform the way we live, work and play. But how do we combat the threat of the way we communicate creating unwanted bias that has far-reaching consequences. From understanding regional accents to reading body language and emotions - how do we ensure inclusion, fairness and understanding going forwards.

Transformational technology: How AI & technological development is shaping business

AI is driving exponential transformation across businesses. From climate change and climate impact to contributution to business performance. What are the current developments in MLOps? What will the convergence of data, AI, and cloud look like in the metaverse? We explore how AI & technological development is shaping business.

Regulating the metaverse: Can we govern the ungovernable?

The first wave of technology did irreparable damage to our society, now we want the metaverse how will we think about it and how will we regulate it? Join us as we ask can we govern the ungovernable.

Keynote from Lord Syed Kamall

Address from Under-Secretary of State for Innovation

Ted Chiang: Beyond techno-utopias and techno-dystopias

Is it possible to embrace technology while also recognising that there are problems it can't solve? What is the proper role of AI in our future, and how can it contribute toward a world of increased human dignity?

Building trust in transformation

The power of technology has never been greater, but true tech success still depends on applying the right human insight and understanding - to the problems it can solve, how it is used and the risks we might encounter along the way. This session explores how organisations can strike the right balance between risk and reward and trust and transformation, with a human-led, tech-powered approach.

TS Anil and the future of financial services

TS Anil, the global chief executive officer of UK-based Monzo Bank talks about starting a challenger bank, how the needs of the customers are paramount and why it is important to be a "learning company".

TechUK: Are we ready for a quantum future?

Quantum powered technologies are no longer the reserve of science fiction. Working alongside transformative tech including Cloud and AI, quantum technologies are set to transform everything we know today, from industry, society and our planet. But what does this change really mean in the coming years and are we ready, as an industry and society, for this future?

In this conversation, a panel of industry leaders will discuss the potential impact and implications of quantum transformation from security, regulatory, ethical, responsible, environmental and geopolitical points of view. It will ask if we are not ready for our quantum future who is and what could this mean globally.

Why leaders are in a funk and how to get them out of it with MindGym and Cambridge University

New tensions, old challenges, enormous demands, and limited resources leave your organisation's top leaders overworked with no clear way to get ahead.
So how can we help leaders step up?

This session will deliver proven scientific insight into how your organisation can make leadership learnable and turn tensions into success.

The future of work with Brian Mullins, CEO of Mind Foundry & Matt Warman MP

We experience fundamental changes in the way we work and will work in the near future. What changes could be in store for the workplace, the workforce, and the nature of work itself?

Why a ‘great rethink’ must follow the ‘great resignation'

Increased competition for vital skills and talent demands radical thinking and creativity combined with technology to create an employee offering rich in reward, opportunity, flexibility and purpose.

How to prepare your workforce for new realities

The new reality of work is here, and we must prepare our workers for it. It will require them to make changes in their behaviour, skillsets and mindset.

Health = Wealth: A data-driven formula for economic growth and human prosperity

Given the increasing evidence showing health impacts on global prosperity, the time is coming to bring health into an ESG framework focused on outcomes. The positive and negative health impacts of companies can, along with climate impacts, be assessed to encompass 3 key areas: direct impact on employee health, secondary impacts via products and services sold and contribution to the community and societal resilience. With health data plentiful and objectively credible, and at least on a par with climate data, the time is now to incorporate “H” into “ESHG”.

The business and investor community has immense power to drive positive change and impact.

This power can be used to influence the risk factors that can damage your health, like unhealthy food, poor work, pollution, and poor housing, but it can also be used to promote health and wellbeing. System change is needed to focus on health as an asset to invest in, not as a cost in an increasingly unsustainable healthcare system buckling under the burden of poor health driven by growing health inequalities and ageing populations.

Designing an online world for the well-being of children

Digital technologies offer children unprecedented prospects for online education, entertainment, social connection and active participation in society, but this is not without risks, such as exposure to disinformation or harmful online content. What should business, government and regulators be doing to strike a balance between mitigating online risks while ensuring children continue to have access to the benefits of digital technology? What practical steps can we take to build in the well-being of children into products and services and what could this look like in new frontier technologies – e.g metaverse.

Inside digital: Insights from the front line of BT’s digital transformation with BT’s Harmeen Mehta

Join BT’s Chief Digital and Innovation Officer, Harmeen Mehta, to learn about the work she is doing to build and embed a digital first culture at BT as the UK’s longest-serving telco accelerates its transformation.

Join to hear at what they’re doing to modernise decades of legacy with a new, industry-leading architecture; at what they’re doing to empower and supercharge their people, at what they’re doing to deliver consistently great digital customer experiences, and what they’re doing to build and explore new platforms and opportunities for the business.

The future of education with UK for UNHCR and Oxford Saïd Business School

How can we equip millions of people around the world with the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and relationships needed to pursue their dreams, hopes, and vocations?

Healing the mental health crisis: The emerging potential of psychedelics

With 1 in 4 people experiencing mental health issues worldwide, we ask this incredible panel of health and tech luminaries, can we solve the mental health crisis with psychedelics?

The age of shocks with Pippa Malmgren, Economist - Global Economy

From energy shocks to culture wars, geopolitical conflicts and economic crises, we ask this esteemed panel, how should we be responding to this succession of cascading crises and is the worse yet to come?

How to achieve rapid growth: Insights from Tech Nation’s scaleups

Join us at CogX to hear from the innovative UK scaleups about how they've navigated their way to success in different growth stages and about their experiences with Tech Nation growth programmes from Libra to Future Fifty. This will be an opportunity to learn about the challenges and opportunities of scaling up a tech company in the UK from seed to IPO.

Chaos Theory: Strengthening the global supply chain Next Gen Infrastructure

Recent and current events exposed the vulnerabilities of the global supply chains and accelerated the transformation needed to make them more resilient and sustainable.

Hear the discussion on how advanced digital technology could help mitigate risks in our just-in-time and globalized distribution systems and make them more resilient, greener and more efficient.

Attendees will also hear about the recently launched UK-wide initiative aiming to address key challenges within the supply chain through accelerating digital innovation, collaboration and sharing of knowledge.

How AI is revolutionising patient care with Emma Hughes, NHS England - Health & wellbeing

Artificial intelligence (AI) has significant potential to improve patient care and the efficiency of the health and care system. The NHS hopes to realise this potential by becoming a world-pioneering hub to support the development, evaluation and deployment of AI technologies. Achieving this will require investment in creating the right data infrastructure, optimising the regulatory pathway, evaluating these technologies, as well as providing ethical assurances.

The protein folding revolution has arrived, with Pushmeet Kohli, DeepMind - Health & Wellbeing

Arguably, one of the most outstanding achievements of 21st Century science, we ask how AlphaFold will revolutionise the world of health forever?

Aligning AI with human intent: A discussion with Mira Murati, OpenAI, Cutting Edge

One of the most powerful AI research centres globally, we ask Mira Murati, Chief Technology Officer of OpenAI, about the consequences of an enormous innovative leaps forwards like DALL·E and GPT-3 and what will OpenAI surprise us with next?

Is science really under attack? With Jim Al-Khalili - Ethics & Society, Is science really under attack?

With misinformation channels wreaking havoc on society, distrust towards science increases every day. We explore how this upheaval is playing out and what we can do to build credible information channels.

From profit to planet: How analytics can help business decarbonise - Climate

Louise Herring hosts a panel exploring how businesses can best harness machine learning to achieve truly transformative decarbonisation and sustainability goals.

Scaling the greatest digital project known to mankind - Gaming & Metaverse

With the metaverse now firmly in the minds of the global tech community, questions now abound about how we will keep this all-encompassing emerging world scalable, interoperable and, most importantly, decentralised for all.

Where is my mind? The metaverse & mental health with Tami Bhaumik, Roblox - Metaverse & Gaming

As we start to immerse ourselves head first as a society into the metaverse, we ask how this novel technology will begin to alter our well-being and mental health?

The new normal: Emerging online harms facing women with Nima Elm, Bumble - Ethics & Society

With 58% of girls experiencing some kind of online harassment, we ask this esteemed panel - how can we make the online world, as well as new emerging worlds, safer for women everywhere?

Social media battlefield: Using open source intelligence to protect democracy

What if Social media could be used to draw on credible intelligence for future battlegrounds? We ask this esteemed panel of cyber experts how we can use open source technology to strengthen democracy and aid intelligence.

Alexandr Wang: How Scale AI became a $7.3 billion powerhouse - Startup to IPO

The convergence that will transform business forever - Jack Hidary, Sandbox AQ, Cutting Edge

Preparing for a blended reality: The rise of AR

How will AR shape the way we interact with the digital world, and can it contribute to the public good, develop communities, and deliver new experiences? Hear from some world-leading experts about cutting edge projects, potential opportunities and business benefits in this new world.

Leveraging AI and Sales Intelligence to create a growth flywheel - carwow & Re:infer

Join John Veichmanis, Chief Operating Officer at carwow, and Re:infer Co-Founder and CEO Ed Challis as they discuss how to continuously improve customer experience, revenue and operational efficiency. Creating a growth flywheel with conversational data intelligence.

Dreamachine and the science of perception with Anil Seth, University of Sussex - Createch

Imagine a machine that creates vivid illusions, kaleidoscopic patterns and explosions of colour in your mind, as you experience it with your eyes closed. Commissioned by UNBOXED: Creativity in the UK, Dreamachine is designed to explore the limitless potential of the human mind. Join Director Jennifer Crook, neuroscientist and bestselling author Anil Seth, Anthony Engi Meacock of the Turner Prize-winning collective Assemble and Kim Leigh Pontin, Creative Director of Nexus Studios, as they share the inspiration behind Dreamachine, how it works and how it’s helping to explore the wonder of how we perceive and create the world around us.

Diversity and storytelling in the Metaverse: How to build a better reality

The Metaverse is reaching critical mass. As it does, the people who build, create and interact within digital environments are asking questions about inclusion, accessibility and diversity with an unprecedented level of commitment. Despite this, creators and producers in the Metaverse continue to be predominantly white and male. So, what are we doing wrong, and how can we get it right? By speaking to award-winning leaders from across visual art, fashion and theatre who are driving key conversations about creating work in the Metaverse – and, indeed, creating the Metaverse – this conversation will bring new perspectives to light, showcase the work of incredible diverse entrepreneurs and explore the solutions we need to build a better reality.

Boster Group Account Director Maggie Schroeder is joined by Jude Kelly, CBE (Founder and CEO, The WOW Foundation), Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley (Artist), Paula Sello and Alissa Aulbekova (Co-Founders and CEOs, Auroboros) to discuss how storytelling is evolving and the implications that it has for building an accessible, significant and relevant Metaverse.

Investing in our future: Why the VC community needs to step up? with Albert Wenger - Climate

How can we can nurture a more conscientious VC community and how can these gods of capital use their funds to try and help solve some of the most urgent of crises.

The office is over; what now? Julia Hobsbawm OBE, Writer, Speaker & Strategist

With companies like Airbnb and PwC all banishing employees from their offices forever in favour of remote life, a new dawn is emerging in the workspace; how will this define the next chapter of labour?

What does Meta have in store for the metaverse? Michael Abrash, Meta

Want to see what Meta has in store for next-generation VR & AR technology and the metaverse. Then join us.

How can we stop the Metaverse from discriminating with Jay-Ann Lopez - Ethics & Society

As the metaverse and gaming worlds start to take a firmer hold in people's lives, we ask how these developing platforms can include everyone equitably?

Tomorrow’s leadership in the dawn of external intelligence

Guardrails for procuring AI in the public and private sector

As AI systems become more integrated into service delivery it’s important to revisit our supply chain governance. How is AI procured? Who is responsible if the AI system makes a wrong or harmful decision? What guardrails must be put in place to protect the organization and its customers?

Join industry, governance, and academic experts to discuss practical solutions on how to embed responsible AI in your end-to-end procurement process to protect yourself from risk and get the most out of your AI investment.

What’s next for AI strategy? With Adrian Joseph OBE - Cutting Edge

Nearly a year on from the launch of the National AI Strategy we explore it’s impact across business and what the next steps are to ensure we meet the challenges ahead.

Blockchain increasing access to low carbon energy products with Priya Guha - Climate

From tracking the source of renewable energy to changing the relationship between how energy is produced and consumed, blockchain has the potential to transform the way companies collaborate and interact to accelerate the development of low-carbon energy. Blockchains are ecosystems that require broad adoption to work effectively, so how can we accelerate this for solutions to scale quickly?

How Gen Z are thinking about the future with Selina Tishler, Microsoft - Gen Z

They are the most digitally savvy generation ever to emerge, but how are they thinking about our uncertain future? We sit down with four young leaders to discuss some of the most impactful issues of the day, including the trust, the environment, social justice, AI and leadership.

Decarbonising cities pitching challenge, Climate

CogX and Shell are looking for start-ups with novel ideas on how digital technologies can provide a cleaner-energy future for our cities. The four finalists are start-ups working on the next big idea that could revolutionise the way we decarbonise cities. Join as they pitch their solution to a jury of city solution experts and investors.

Forget Elon Musk, why AI needs to do more

With big tech losing sight with driverless cars and getting us to space; we ask this esteemed panel how should AI be working harder to solve unsexy problems such as better decision making in the education & healthcare sectors.

The next frontier in sustainability of data centres

Digital technologies are transforming our lives in ways that were unimaginable even a decade ago. Today’s connected society has triggered an explosion of data and there are no signs of this slowing down. Underpinning high-performance computing and cloud services are physical data centres which are estimated to use more than 1% of the world’s power supply. Tech companies face important challenges – including how to scale and progress digital economies while reducing the carbon footprint of these data services to net zero. Hear from a panel of experts who will share how their companies are working to reduce the carbon footprint of their data centres beyond the first steps of shifting to renewable energy, through for instance the use of immersion cooling technologies and AI to optimise performance.

Bridging the digital skills gap Ben Higgin - PwC UK - Future of Work

Bringing together leading companies to address one of the foremost business challenges in the UK We explore the work on and latest research around digital transformation, careers accessibility and development.

Where is the new Palo Alto? Here, in Euro with Saul Klein, LocalGlobe - Startup to IPO

It's the third biggest tech ecosystem globally but lags behind the Bay Area and Beijing from a funding perspective. We talk about this new phenomenal hub of activity breaking out of the UK/Europe.

Keeping the markets honest: Why greenwashing is a dead-end

How can we keep the business world more accountable in the midst of a climate crisis? We chat with two sustainability leaders to find out why greenwashing is harming not only our collective response to the climate but the future of capitalism.

Cyber predictions for 2030 with Becky Pinkard, Vodafone - Cybersecurity & Defence

From sophisticated ransomware attacks to an all-out cyberwar, what will the world of cybersecurity look like in 2030, and how can we prepare for it?

The New World Health Order with Chris Wigley, CEO at Genomics England - Health & Wellbeing

As we now gradually move into a post-covid world, we ask four leaders in the world of health what are the key trends, challenges and opportunities facing the world around us.

Digital cultural transformation with Manisha Mistry, R² Factory at Rolls-Royce - Future of Work

As COO at R² Factory, Manisha Mistry leads the digital culture programme working with member firms across the aerospace, energy, healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors to help prepare them to deploy digital solutions at scale. In this fireside chat, Manisha will discuss what it really takes to create the cultural 'muscle memory' required, to implement AI and ML technology in the workplace of the future.

Collaborating on the race to net zero - Caroline Gorski, R² Factory at Rolls-Royce - Climate

As the pandemic took hold in 2020, the Emergent Alliance convened over 50 corporates, individuals, NGOs and governments for the first time to leverage expertise, data, and resources to aid societal recovery. Here, founder Caroline Gorski is interviewed, to find out how she is applying the same collaborative approach to climate change at R2 Factory, helping corporations with reaching net-zero commitments, climate reporting and reducing scope 3 carbon emissions.

Digital ecosystems accelerating innovation

Good ideas can come from anywhere and can be adopted quickly with standardised formats. Companies are recognising that developing proprietary in-house solutions may not always be the best or most cost-effective way to achieve their goals. We have to rely on each other’s strengths to deliver the competitive and affordable technology that can support the transition to lower-carbon energy systems. How can data and platform standards help accelerate digital innovation? How can digital ecosystems drive the adoption of AI?

How to meet challenges in hard times with Gelong Thubten - Health & Wellbeing

Bad news all the time? Crisis after crisis? Author of the Sunday Times bestseller ‘A Monk’s Guide to Happiness’, Gelong Thubten, will guide us through a unique meditation and address how we can meet challenges in hard times.

The age of human therapeutic gene editing is here with Andrew Hessel - Health & Wellbeing

Whilst humanity remains on the cusp of significant biological changes courtesy of CRISPR, we ask what the implications of these genetic altering technologies will be?

Regulation: Crypto's sword of Damocles

In crypto, it is easy to see that rapid technological advancement has taken place – while the regulations governing that technology have historically been slow to catch up. However, to allow the technological infrastructure to continue to grow at an exponential pace – we need to make sure that the regulation and taxation infrastructure can both catch up and then be in a position to grow at the same pace. This panel seeks to dissect the changes needed in the current regulatory landscape to ensure that crypto startups can continue on their hyper-growth trajectories.

Ripe for disruption: A decentralised future For finance

Blockchain technology gives rise to a better financial end-user experience – through reducing settlement times, extending operation hours, and making the process more transparent and trustworthy. In this panel, we discuss the “primitives” that need to be developed for the financial ecosystem to move on-chain.

Fireside chat with Arthur Breitman, Co-founder of Tezos Blockchain,

In this session, Arthur and Tom will walk us through the a bumpy ride we had in the market this year, and chat about the recent collapse, use cases, protocol design and scaling strategies. Grab a hot drink, sit back, and enjoy the chat.

Igniting the wallet revolution: your passport into Web 3 universe

Blockchain infrastructure allows for reduced settlement times – and extremely smooth payments between different users without the use of centralized intermediaries. This means that there will not be any more unnecessary transaction costs for sending capital back home for international students – and democratized access to the same investment classes across the globe.

How to not get rugged or hacked: A life-saving lesson

Cryptocurrencies was invented to allow individuals to exchange value without the use of intermediaries – however, centralized intermediaries always brought in one primary advantage – transaction safety. This panel seeks to dissect the best practices involved in dealing with cryptocurrencies to prevent end users from getting exploited.

From DAOs to cloud nations: Debunking the world’s longest standing dogma

Decentralized Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) are the necessary toolkits to begin developing an idea – and allow for its growth without the necessary continuation of its leadership – and thus, mimicking decentralized nations. DAOs will live on without their initial rulers – and grow to fulfil the needs of its people – this panel seeks to dissect how DAOs seek to revolutionize organizational dynamics and change innovation forever.

How to build the next killer decentralised application, How to build the next killer decentralised application

Developer tooling is a space that has exponentially grown over the last decade – low-code platforms can now automate core software development features allowing developers and domain experts to build on tailor-made solutions for every possible use case. This paradigm shift has allowed for a greater influx of developers into the Web 3 ecosystem – in this panel, we dissect what constitutes developer tooling.

Stabilize the stablecoin: What works and what doesn’t?

Over the past month, we saw what happens that stablecoins are not necessarily as stable as they are often deemed. Due to the occurrence of this black-swan event that Leo terms the subprime collateral crisis – we will witness a shift in both stablecoin development and the regulatory/auditing infrastructure set up around it. This panel seeks to unwind what constitutes stablecoin development.

Equipping digital artworks with the characteristics of real-world assets

ERC-721 and ERC-1155 token standards have ushered in a new era allowing digital art and digital assets to have the same ownership primitives as real-world assets -- blurring the boundaries of digital collectibles and their real-world counterparts. This panel seeks to explore the development of the digital art landscape through NFTs as a cutting-edge tool to propel its rapid growth.

Decentralised social media: The next big theme in crypto, Decentralised social media: The next big theme in crypto

We are getting used to socialising on media run by big tech companies. Will decentralised social media lead us to a world without algorithm dictatorship, creator exploitation, and censorship? How do we social, in a decentralised way?

Rethink, redefine & reshape: The world of blockchain gaming

Of the many traits that set humans apart from animals, perhaps none are more salient than our ability to conjure fiction and immerse in role-play. It may come as no surprise then that gaming has become one of the greatest hobbies of our generation. In this panel, we break down the evolution of the blockchain gaming space.

Building next generation marketplace: An insider's view

The non-fungible token market exceeded $40B in value at its peak in 2021. The global physical art market stands at $65B in 2022. The two markets are currently competing with each other – but for the NFT markets to win the race – it is necessary for traders and collectors to have the necessary toolkits to do so such as access to existing marketplaces and tools to create new marketplaces, compliance and regulations around sales, and taxation software. This panel seeks to answer key questions around what is needed for the NFT market to surpass the global physical art market in value.

Vogue meets crypto: Bringing fashion industry on chain

Runway in metaverse? NFT sneakers? Re-branding for the crypto-native Gen-Z? When fashion meets crypto, there is no limitation for imagination. In this panel, we are going to discuss what does crypto and metaverse mean for designers and the fashion industry.

Empowering creativity 3.0

The "super power" of web 3 is a shared mindset: that data should be open, unconfined, harnessable. That we should remove walled gardens and empower the 'citizens' of web 3 to be as creative as possible. In this session, Susan will talk about how web 3 allows us to create the building blocks of interoperability for users and creators by fostering cross chain support, reinterpret-able metadata, thoughtful NFT rights, and open standards.

When real asset goes non-fungible: Unlocking the trillion-dollar tokenisation market

In this panel, we seek to dissect how and why the cryptoeconomic landscape is intersecting with real and tangible assets – and how this intersection will allow users to experience a higher level of comfort while democratizing access to all classes of investment opportunities.

WAGBB (We Are Gonna Beat the Bear): How do we come out stronger?

The pendulum of market is swinging bearish. This is not the first bear market we've witnessed, and definitely not the last one we will see. In fact, for Fabric Ventures, some of the best investments were made during market turmoil. In this keynote, chairman and managing partner of Fabric Ventures, Richard Muirhead will walk us through his approach to wrestle with the bear and how do we build back better.

The way we DAO: Tools to build great DAOs

We already know that DAOs will act as the necessary toolkits to build decentralized nations – uniting people with ideas and not geographical boundaries. In this panel, we seek to dissect the infrastructure that needs to be built to allow for easier DAO-development. , We already know that DAOs will act as the necessary toolkits to build decentralized nations – uniting people with ideas and not geographical boundaries. In this panel, we seek to dissect the infrastructure that needs to be built to allow for easier DAO-development.

Building attractive ecosystems: Making life smooth for developers and users

How can we as an industry be successful and onboard billions of users to Web3? We as blockchain developers need to find an answer to this question and take the right steps towards mass adoption.

Higher highs & higher lows: What's next after the $1 trillion crash?

Each crypto cycle seems to usher in a new epoch of innovation and use cases, from Bitcoin to altcoins, smart contracts and ICOs and more recently NFTs and Layer 2s. These epochs have been marked by higher highs and higher lows, as new use cases drive increased network usage and real utility, independent of prices.

So what can we expect after the recent crypto and defi contraction? What are the catalysts and when? How will the next epoch be ushered in?

Whatever the future may hold, it probably won’t be boring!

Hear from Jeremy Millar, Chief Development Officer of Consensys, discuss these issues and Consensys’ view on the market and current cycle.

Blockchain scaling using STARKs

STARKs are a proof system that helps scale blockchains. How? It allows large computations to be done off-chain, where it is cheaper, leaving only the verification, which requires very few steps, to be done on-chain.

A conversation with NEAR: The future of learning and equitable confusion

We're on a mass transition to meaningful learning experiences that mimics the boundless joy of learning outside of school and at the same time is an individual battle with our sense of self-worth and belonging. The new primitives introduced by web3, specifically identity and time, give us everything we need to make education equitable and even profitable.

Fireside chat with Marieke Flament and Richard Muirhead: Open Web for a more open, fair, and prosperous economy

Participation in information networks is inescapable - we are either products or the proletariat. However, the Open Web creates a third way, where we are the proprietors. In this closing session of OpenWebForum, the co-founder & chairman of Fabric, Richard Muirhead and the CEO of Near Foundation, Marieke Flament, will discuss how the Open Web has given us the building blocks of a fair and prosperous Open Economy.


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