Our vision is for CogX to be the first community governed and owned leadership and technology event in the world. And our Patron Token is the first step towards that.

What is the Patron Token?

Many organisations have a Patron Programme, from the Science Museum to the Royal Academy to help raise funds to improve facilities and engage their community. 


Blockchain and Web3 technologies have advocates and sceptics, but there is no doubt they offer exciting new ways to build and reward a community. And being focused on innovation, at our CogX Awards on March 14th we announced our Patron Program and that it would be a collection of 10,000 CogX Festival Patron Tokens (NFTs).


Our Patrons Token NFT is not only a unique collectible, it also grants very special rights to its holders including passes, a definitive say in the agenda, format and future direction of the Festival, and finally, which charities we direct 10% of our sales to each year. 


With the sale of 10,000 NFTs we can also fund the Festival in perpetuity - allowing the CogX team to fully focus on programming the best thought leadership, and continuously improving the value we deliver to you, and all members of our community.


The first drop of “Founder CogX Patron Tokens” have the most attractive sale price and terms. Each unique collectible NFT grants the owner: a Gold Festival Pass for life, a second Gold Pass to gift to a charity of their choice, year-round access to exclusive events and an online community, the ability to propose and vote on changes to the Festival’s future direction and which charities we direct 10% of sales to each year. And as with other NFTs, Patrons will be able to resell their NFT online. 


This year we are finally able to hold the CogX Leadership Summit in-person at the stunning Thomas Heatherwick designed Samsung HQ in Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross, London. This year’s Summit has 3 days covering: Global Stability on Monday 13th June, True Transformation on Tuesday 14th June, and The Future of Work and the Employee Experience on Wednesday 15th June. And everyone who signs up to this first drop of Founder Patron Tokens will get a 1 day pass to this year’s Leadership Summit as well. 


The normal price of a single Gold Pass is £2,495, and the GLS Pass £3,495. For just this limited first drop of Founder Patrons, we are issuing the Tokens at that same price of a single Gold Pass, £2,495.


Finally, for this year, we have committed to assisting the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, and the 10% of our Token sales will be donated to: UN Ukraine Refugees Appeal, UNICEF and Choose Love. From 2023 our Patrons will propose and vote on the charities selected.

Become a CogX Patron

The CogX Patron Program not only provides each owner with a unique art collectible NFT, but also a set of special rights and a definitive say in the future of the festival


• Receive a Gold Pass for life

• Gift another Gold Pass to charity each year

• Access year-round events and an online community

• Propose and vote on changes to the agenda and future direction

Pre-order today and get a limited Founder Patron Token with the most attractive rights and price, including a 1 day pass for this year’s CogX Global Leadership Summit.

The Roadmap

This roadmap is draft and subject to change

Phase 1

CogX releases 10,000 exclusive CogX Patron NFTs expected to be over five limited drops. 


The first drop of Founder Patron Token’s will receive 5 Tokens in the governance DAO, and benefit from the lowest price of £2,495. Thereafter, token holders will receive 1 for 1 DAO tokens.


CogX will mint the CogX Patron Tokens by the end of May at which you will be able to claim your NFT from the CogX merchant wallet.


Token holders can attend the CogX Festival and Gold networking and hospitality spaces. Founder Patrons will have 1 day access to the Global Leadership Summit.

Phase 2

Set up voting and community governance for Token holders.


Our target date for the establishment of our governance DAO is June 2022. 


This will grant token holders voting rights on the format and agenda for our annual festival and future events, attend the annual general meeting, and propose and vote on the charities CogX supports.

Phase 3

Subject to regulatory approval and a suitable legal framework, we will move the ownership of the Festival to a DAO, allowing community ownership.


Each patron token holder will receive one DAO token once the transition has taken place. 


Token holders will participate and have first option rights on any new tokens issued.


There is no guarantee that the Festival will operate, this depends on tickets, sponsorship, token sales and other sources of funding, and standard force majeure terms such as a pandemic. There is also no guarantee that the regulatory and legal framework will exist to make it possible to transition to a community ownership

Art representing your NFT

Unique treatment of the CogX logo as Digital Collectable

Lifetime Gold Pass *

A Gold pass each year for yourself. Series 1 = in perpetuity for as long as the Festival continues and when we sell the 1,000th Token, the holder will receive a second Gold pass for a pre-approved charity of your choice.

Governance DAO

Concretely shape the format and agenda each year by proposing and voting on ideas. To propose and vote on the charities we support & Attend Content AGM & Editorial. Patrons will have 1 for 1 Token in the Governance DAO, Founder Patrons will have 5 for 1.

Festival Ownership

If and when we are able to transition to community ownership (subject to regulatory approval), Patron Token holders will participate and have first option to any new Tokens issued.

Year Round Working Groups

A “supporting” seat on one of the year round working groups


To propose and vote on investment opportunities if and when there is surplus funds

Recognised as a Patron

Listed on the CogX website as a Patron and announced in formal communications (optional).

Friends Discount

A 50% Discount Code for up to 10 friends or colleagues

Year-Round Community

Access to an exclusive online community for Founder Patron Token holders and in-person events


*Recurring passes valid as long as the Festival runs.

Patron token benefits

Patron Token

Frequently asked questions 

Attend the annual Festival with a Gold Pass

Gift a second Gold Pass to a charity

Shape the agenda, format and future direction of the event

Join an exclusive year-round online community and in-person events

Propose the charities that together receive 10% of the annual budget

Friends Discount: A 50% Discount Code for up to 10 friends or colleagues

Access to an exclusive online community for Founder Patron Token holders

Unique art representing your NFT