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Corporate Patron Token Bundles

We are excited to offer a range of Patron Token packages for our corporate partners to acquire.


Patron programmes are not new. Many organisations from the Science Museum to London Zoo, and Wimbledon to the Royal Academy of Arts have them. And the funds raised help develop the facilities and build community year round.


CogX is inviting its community to join the programme by purchasing one or more unique Patron Token (NFTs), each of which grants the owner a lifetime Gold Pass, the chance to gift a second Gold Pass to a pre-approved charity and to influence the agenda and shape the future of the Festival and Leadership Summit. Full list of rights is below.


This support in turn allows the CogX team to fully focus on curating the very best editorial content, creating value for the members of its community and convening global leaders from the technology industry and the public to address the critical question: “How do we get the next 10 years right?”.

Become a Corporate Patron

Corporate CogX Patron Token bundles are now available in five different package sizes.


• Earn lifetime Gold Passes to award employees, partners or clients
• Gift more Gold Passes to charity
• Benefit from value uplift with each package size
• Speaking opportunities
• Co-hosted networking breakfasts
• More council seats for your organisation

Help us build a platform of global leaders, the technology industry, and the public, to address the question: How do we get the next ten years right?



The Future

Phase 1

CogX releases 10,000 exclusive CogX Patron NFTs in five limited drops.


The first 200 Founder Patron Holders will receive 5 tokens in the governance DAO, and benefit from an early bird price of £2495. Thereafter, token holders will receive 1 for 1 DAO tokens.


CogX will mint the CogX Patron Tokens and you will be able to claim your Digital Collectible from the CogX Merchant Wallet. Token holders will attend the CogX Festival 2022 in June and access our Global Leadership Summit and Gold networking and hospitality spaces.

Phase 2

Set up community governance for token holders


Our target date for the establishment of our governance DAO is May 2022. 

This will grant token holders voting rights on the format and agenda for our annual festival and future events, attend the annual general meeting, and propose and vote on the charities CogX supports.

Phase 3

Subject to regulation and legal frameworks, we will move the ownership of the Festival to a DAO, allowing full community ownership. 


Each patron token holder will receive one DAO token once the transition has taken place. 


Token holders will have first option rights on and new tokens issued and dividends from profits over and above the 5 year budget.

Art representing your NFT

Unique treatment of the CogX logo as Digital Collectable

Lifetime Gold Pass

A Gold pass each year for yourself. Series 1 = in perpetuity for as long as the Festival continues and when we sell the 10,000th Token, the holder will receive an second Gold pass for a pre-approved charity of your choice.

Governance DAO

Concretely shape the format and agenda each year by proposing and voting on ideas. To propose and vote on the charities we support & Attend Content AGM & Editorial

Festival Ownership

1 for 1 DAO Token when we transition, first option rights on any new tokens issued & dividends from profits over and above the 5 year budget.

Year Round Working Groups

A “supporting” seat on one of the year round working groups


To propose and vote on investment opportunities if and when there is surplus funds in the DOA


Listed on the CogX website as a Patron and announced in formal communications.

Friends Discount

A 50% Discount Code for up to 10 friends or colleagues

Online Community

Access to an exclusive online community for Founder Patron Token holders

Patron token benefits

Patron Token Bundles

Frequently asked questions 

Attend the annual Festival with a Gold Pass

Gift a second Gold Pass to a charity

Shape the agenda, format and future direction of the event

Join an exclusive year-round online community and in-person events

Propose the charities that together receive 10% of the annual budget

Friends Discount: A 50% Discount Code for up to 10 friends or colleagues

Access to an exclusive online community for Founder Patron Token holders

Unique art representing your NFT