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Afiya Chohollo

Co-founder of CloudFO and VP of Engineering & Technical Program Management at Onfido

Afiya Chohollo is VP of Engineering & Technical Program Management at Onfido, a global identity verification and authentication provider. Our technology, grounded in AI, assesses whether a user’s government-issued ID is genuine or fraudulent, and then compares it against their unique identifiable features, such as their facial biometrics, to deliver remote access to online services and help financial services meet KYC and AML requirements.

Afiya leads seven specialist engineering teams that are responsible for Onfido’s core platform infrastructure, test engineering, data integrity and our client dashboards. This means that I make sure we can develop products quickly, safely and efficiently for our clients. She also leads and founded the Technical Programme Management team which is the function that has enabled Onfido to scale product and technology execution to use digital identity to verify access to millions of people

Afiya is a technical advisor at CloudFO, an early-stage company building intelligent software that keeps businesses from running out of cash. 

Afiya Chohollo's experience includes the delivery of large-scale complex programs, team development & leadership & research. An ambassador of STEM for school-aged children, Chohollo is also a Governor at Copthall School and has also appeared in the recent publication Voices of the Shadows highlighting the careers of 51 Women in tech which was distributed to 300 UK schools.
Before joining Onfido, Afiya Chohollo was at Tesco Online Fulfilment, Morgan Advanced Materials and the Atomic Weapons Establishment. Chohollo holds a degree from the University of Manchester, MEng Material Science & Engineering.

Afiya’s experience is summarised in complex technical problem-solving - I transform raw thoughts and ideas into roadmaps, specifications and plans, understood by all stakeholders for successful delivery and execution valued by users!

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