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Anton Christodoulou

Group CTO - Imagination

Technologist, futurist, founder and Chief Technology Officer, Anton is a passionate business leader and advocate for technology and disruptive innovation, with a strong commercial focus, developing and supporting business growth and transformation across a broad range of industries. Continually exploring new and existing technologies and frameworks to blend the physical, digital and virtual worlds, including immerse and gesture tech, AI, Web3, and blockchain.
Imagination Group CTO, Responsible for Imagination's global technology strategy and execution, to empower brands to unlock the full potential of experience design, using cutting-edge technology and innovation.
Responsible for the creation and ongoing development of XPKit®, Imagination's pioneering software as a service experience platform, that equips brands worldwide with secure, scalable and custom tools to supercharge audience engagement, loyalty and conversion.
Founding board Trustee for Trust 3.0, a registered charity and non-profit data privacy advocacy group.
Founding board member of Immerse UK, the UK’s immersive technology network.

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