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Anushka Sharma

Founder - Naaut

Anushka Sharma is the Founder of Naaut and Co-founder of the London Space Network. Nush is a connector, and technology generalist and has focused on AI, Web3.0 and deep technology for space applications. She builds communities and partnerships across the space and technology ecosystems and champions diversity and inclusion. She’s worked with Deep Tech AI Startups, NASA Frontier Development Lab, has been a mentor and judge for the NASA Space Apps Challenge, and has amplified the opportunities of the Space sector across the tech ecosystem. Nush is keen to delve into the ethics for space and technology deployment on and off Earth. Most recently Nush was appointed SPAN Liaison Manager for the Space Academic Network (SPAN). SPAN provides a voice for space-related research in the UK in the fields of Earth Observation, Space Engineering, Space Science and Exploration.  

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