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Cosima Gretton

Director of Clinical Feedback - Our Future Health

​​Cosima is an ex-NHS doctor and product leader, passionate about bringing new technologies out of the lab and into clinical practice. She has built and led high-performing product teams on both sides of the Atlantic, from launching genomics and machine learning-based diagnostics at high-growth Silicon Valley start-ups, to leading a major UK government diagnostics programme during the pandemic. As a Deputy Director at NHS Test & Trace, she set up and led a programme which delivered novel saliva-based COVID-19 tests for NHS staff, launched a fleet of mobile laboratories for outbreak response, and built a high-throughput robotic lab with a team of engineers from F1 McLaren. She is now Director of Clinical Feedback at Our Future Health, a charity aiming to build the world’s largest resource for health research, recruiting 5 million volunteers across the UK. Cosima champions a programme dedicated to delivering meaningful genetic insights to participants and exploring how new types of data can be used to predict and prevent chronic disease.

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