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Dambisa Moyo

Global Economist, Author and Board Member -

Dr Dambisa Moyo is a pre-eminent thinker, who influences key decision-makers in strategic investment and public policy. She is respected for her unique perspectives, her balance of contrarian thinking with measured judgement, and her ability to turn economic insight into investable ideas.
Dambisa Moyo is a co-principal of Versaca Investments - a family office focused on growth investing globally. She serves on a number of global corporate boards including 3M Corporation, Chevron, and Conde Nast, as well as, the Oxford University Endowment investment committee. Her areas of interest are in capital allocation, risk, and ESG matters. She holds a Doctorate in Economics from Oxford, a Masters's from Harvard, and is recognized for fresh and innovative ideas as the Author of four New York Times Bestselling Books. 
Dambisa was named to the list of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World; has published in the Financial Times, WSJ, Barrons, Harvard Business Review and has travelled to over 65 countries. In her spare time, she runs marathons and practices Pilates.

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