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Jaime Bosch

Co-founder and CEO - Voicemod

Jaime Bosch is the co-founder and CEO of Voicemod, the leading AI-powered voice synthesis and interactive audio platform.

He and his brothers, Fernando and Juan, founded Voicemod in 2014 out of a passion for music, sound, and technology. They initially started with the idea of creating a music app, but quickly shifted their focus to voice modulation after realizing its entertainment potential.

Today, Voicemod is the AI voice-changing app of choice for gamers, streamers, and content creators worldwide with over 40 million users. The company also partners with third-party OEMs, developers, and IP owners to empower new experiences using Voicemod's technology.

Jaime's vision for Voicemod is to use advancements in AI to support greater self-expression, creativity, and inclusion, enabling people to sound the way they want to be heard.

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