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James Field

CEO & Founder - LabGenius

For decades, scientists, engineers and technologists have dreamt of building ‘robot scientists’ capable of autonomously discovering new knowledge, technologies, and sophisticated real-world products.

For protein engineers, that dream is now a real possibility. The rapid pace of technological development across the fields of synthetic biology, robotic automation, and ML has given us access to the tools required to create a smart, robotic platform capable of intelligently discovering novel therapeutic proteins.

For James, this represents the most exciting opportunity of our generation and he founded LabGenius with the dream of making it a reality.

In 2017, James was awarded the BBSRC Innovator of the Year award for early career impact. In 2018, he featured on Forbes' 30 Under 30 list for Science and Healthcare. James is a recognised thought leader having spoken on the world stage at events like Milken Global Conference, TEDMED, RAAIS and CogX. Through his on-going work with the Ditchley Foundation, James also plays an active role in briefing key policy makers in government on AI-enabled drug discovery.

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