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James Vincent

Founding Partner and CEO - FNDR

James is the Founder and CEO of FNDR, who work hand in hand with transformative founders, harnessing the power of narrative to give voice to their vision and shape their company's future.

For over a decade, James worked alongside Steve Jobs building Apple’s narrative for ground-breaking products such as the iPod, iTunes, iPhone, App Store & iPad. He founded and was CEO of Apple’s global agency of record, Media Arts Lab and later went on to work directly with Brian Chesky at Airbnb to build the Trips Platform, before launching FNDR to drive growth for over 130 founder-led businesses globally, including Evan Spiegel (Snap), Sara Menker (Gro Intelligence), Nicolas Julia (Sorare) and JC Samuelian (Alan).

James is also the guest host of Fast Company’s ‘Most Innovative Companies’ podcast - interviewing some of the most transformative founders of our time, to understand how they think, how they innovate and what lessons they have to share.

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