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Jeff Hood

Founder - Metacurio

Jeff Hood currently serves as the CEO and Co-Founder of MetaCurio, a full-service Web 3 strategy company. MetaCurio works with global brands and talent looking to enter the world of Web 3. Prior to founding MetaCurio, Jeff served as the Co-Founder of Block Squared Capital as well as an advisor to numerous blockchain companies. His passion for crypto led him to playing a major role in the ICO space in 2017 by starting a blockchain company in hopes of solving a real-world problem of transparency in the charitable donation industry; he later formed Block Squared Capital in an effort to create a funding vehicle for mature blockchain projects. Jeff has spoken at events globally across Asia, Europe and the Middle East about leveraging the benefits of Blockchain in real world everyday applications and the power of tokenization as a capital source. Jeff also has over 22 years in technology and consulting experience with executive leadership roles in companies such as HCL Technologies and Zensar, as well as a successful IPO and exit with GSS Infotech.

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