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Jose Cordeiro

Director - The Millennium Project

Jose Cordeiro is Director of the Millennium Project, founding faculty of Singularity University, Author of 'The Death of Death' and Leader of the Miel political party focused on longevity. José is an engineer, economist, futurist, and transhumanist, who has worked on different areas including economic development, international relations, Latin America, the European Union, monetary policy, comparison of constitutions, energy trends, cryonics, and longevity. In line with forecasts by Ray Kurzweil that the Singularity will occur by 2045, Cordeiro predicts that “death will be optional by 2045”. This will take place “thanks to exponential advances in artificial intelligence, tissue regeneration, stem cell treatments, organ printing, cryopreservation, and genetic or immunological therapies that will solve the problem of the aging of the human body.

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