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Julia Streets

Entrepreneur, Champion of fintech, innovation and diversity -

Julia Streets is a champion of fintech entrepreneurship, innovation and diversity. 
She is an advisor, mentor and investor and is called upon to chair many of the world’s leading conferences and events drawing not only on her industry experience, but also on her skills as a speaker, host and sell-out stand up comedian. 
A certified transformation leadership coach, she works with senior executives to help them build and lead high performing teams, develop proud and solid growth-minded cultures and outperform as enlightened leaders. She combines subject matter expertise as a senior international executive offering some 30+ years of experience with a clear commitment to create, curate and deliver compelling content.

In 2007, Julia founded Streets Consulting, the business development, marketing and communications consultancy. Since then she and her team have advised a wide range of firms in the world of capital markets, B2B and payments, and offering specialist technology including blockchain, artificial intelligence, cyber and more.
Prior to founding Streets Consulting in 2008, Julia was global head of communications at NYSE Technologies, serving on the Executive Committee and European head of marketing and sales development at Instinet.
Wary that diversity and inclusion is fast becoming the latest corporate marketing jargon, Julia launched a podcast series ‘DiverCity Podcast’. On each episode, industry luminaries shine a light on progress, call out areas requiring further focus and offer insights and best practice to help listeners drive change.
Julia is the author of ‘The Lingua Franca of the Corporate Banker’, lampooning corporate jargon. She is proud to serve as a trustee of the charity ‘Street Child’ and is a Fellow of the British American Project, the transatlantic leadership fellowship. Most recently, Julia launched a new monthly chat show, Metaverse: What Matters?, filmed in the metaverse, talking about the metaverse!

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