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Katie Cavanagh

Optical Physicist - Yelo

Katie Cavanagh works at the forefront of photonics as an Optical Physicist at Yelo. With an academic background rooted in Physics and a Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering, Katie has dedicated her expertise to the world of optical physics and its application in modern technology. Her Ph.D. thesis focused on the fabrication and characterisation of nitride LEDs emitting in the orange-green and the UV. She also worked on developing indium-free transparent contacts. She has hands-on experience in both micro and nanofabrication. Following her doctoral studies, she was honoured to be selected as a QTEC fellow, a fellowship that cultivates quantum technology entrepreneurs. Katie possesses a deep understanding of semiconductor devices and thin film characterisation. When not immersed in Physics, Katie enjoys Brazilian Jiujitsu, which she regularly competes in.

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