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Lawrence Lundy-Bryan

Partner - Lunar Ventures

Lawrence Lundy-Bryan is a deep tech analyst and investor. He is a Partner for Research at Lunar Ventures, a deep tech venture fund where he focuses on horizon scanning. He developed, the world’s first deep tech tracker for investors, monitoring and assessing over 100+ emerging technologies. This work led to an investment thesis on privacy-enhancing technologies and a soon to be published thesis on non-conventional computing.  

He has previously applied a similar horizon scanning methodology as Partner and Head of Research at Outlier Ventures, pioneering an investment thesis into crypto and AI. As well as at Frost & Sullivan where he advised clients including Intel, ARM and Verizon. He’s also advised the public sector including the UK Government, EU Commission, and World Economic Forum on crypto, AI and data strategy. He is a regular speaker on the technology industry and has been quoted in the BBC, Bloomberg, The Economist, and The Wall Street Journal, and presented at over 25 events and universities including MIT, Imperial College London, and Cambridge University.

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