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Matthew Blakemore

AI Strategist - Creative Industries

Matthew Blakemore stands as a vanguard in the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). With a career trajectory spanning over a decade, he's carved a niche as an award-winning entrepreneur, inventor, and thought leader in the tech industry. Renowned for his pioneering work, Matthew co-authored the critical ISO/IEC 8183 AI Data Lifecycle Standard, setting global benchmarks in AI data management. His ingenuity led him to patent a groundbreaking generative AI solution for multi-territory video classification. Beyond creating solutions, he's applied transformative AI strategies across diverse sectors, from media and entertainment to transport and retail.

Matthew's collaborations, notably with Amazon Web Services, epitomise innovation in the AI domain. Such endeavours secured his esteemed appointment to the Innovate UK Bridge AI Programme Advisory Group. As an influential speaker, he seamlessly bridges the divide between AI's complexities and its real-world applications, emphasising its potential, ethics, and business integration. His insights and expertise have solidified his position as a paramount authority in the rapidly evolving world of AI and ML.

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