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Mei Lin Fung

Chair - People Centered Internet

Mei Lin Fung 

Co-Chair with Jascha Stein, and Co-Founder with Vint Cerf of the People Centered Internet, Mei Lin provides digital policy recommendations to the G7, and globally engages on government policies and regulations related to People Centered Science and Digital Transformation. Recently she was invited to speak at the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Internet of Things Advisory Board which has spent the past 6 months preparing a US Congressional briefing.  For the Japan G7 Thinktank consultation process,, she led the policy team for People-Centered Science and Digital Transformation: “A Practical Approach for the G7 and G20”. She catalyzed the People Centered internet team led, co-authored or initiated 11 out of 70 policy papers for the German G7 consultation process in 2022. She was the invited closing keynote on Decade of Digital Transformation at the World Bank IFC Global SME Financing Forum October 2020. Mei Lin has been working on Regional Cross Sector Digital Regulation since 2019, when she was the IEEE nominee facilitating this topic at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), the UN forum bringing together Ministers of ICT and the regulators of Telecommunications in 193 countries.  She is an early pioneer of customer relationship management (CRM) who worked at Oracle with Tom Siebel (founding CEO of Siebel Systems, later acquired by Oracle) then Marc Benioff (CEO of Salesforce). With Maya Bundt, then Chief Digital Officer of Swiss Re, she was a leading contributor to the report by the 2017-2018 World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Digital Economy and Society, and has presented at the World Economic Forum’s launch of their Digital Economics initiative in 2017.
She is a member of the Executive Committee for the IEEE Society for the Social Implications of Technology and chairs the Sustainability Technical Committee. She served as Vice Chair, Internet Inclusion for the IEEE Internet Initiative through 2018. Mei Lin worked at Shell Australia, Intel then Oracle. Chair of Douglas Engelbart’s Core Planning Committee, she is a leading advocate for Networked Improvement Communities, which are the precursor for current work in Community Learning and Living Labs. 

As Socio-Technical lead for Federal Health Futures at the US Department of Defense, she worked then, with the current leaders of the US Federal Long Term Plan for Equitable Recovery and Resilience. Today, she continues the work of the Digital Recovery Plan for Puerto Rico with the Puerto Rico Department of Economic Development and Commerce, the US Federal Department of Commerce. People Centered Internet is the catalyst for the Puerto Rico Prosperity Initiative. 
She is a member of the Advisory Council of GovStack, an International Telecommunications Union program for digital building blocks for government services. She helped found the GenderTrendsetter program of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) the UN gathering of 193 countries Telecom Regulators and ICT Ministers. 

She served as one of the 2 co-chairs (Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe and Middle-East) of the UN Commission on the Status of Women, Expert Roundtable on Digital Innovation for the 2023 UN Women report launched March 2023. Mei Lin was named a Fellow of the Hasso Plattner Institute in 2022, for her work on energy efficient computing. Hasso Plattner is one of the founders of the German tech giant, SAP.
Her undergraduate degree is in Pure Mathematics from the Australian National University and her MBA in Finance is from MIT where she studied under two future Nobel Economics Prize winners, Franco Modigliani and Robert Merton, also studying under Fisher Black, known for the Black Scholes Options Pricing Formula. Mei Lin is Singaporean, living in the US, in Silicon Valley for four decades. 

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