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Mike Wilson

Principal Project Leader - Polestar

Mike Wilson, our Principal Project Leader at Polestar, is appealing the leaders to come on a journey and challenge the old ways in how we create, use, and recycle interior materials. Mike and his team are part of the Polestar 0 Project, our moonshot goal to produce a fully climate-neutral production car by 2030. To achieve this goal Polestar is collaborating across industries to tackle challenges where solutions do not yet exist. Mike’s focus lies on actively identifying and establishing collaborations with partners who can help us innovate these solutions within advanced interiors, and to drive them from the drawing board into automotive use. With his previous background in engineering project management, purchasing and business, Mike has been involved with the
materials and the activities involved in designing, engineering and industrialising vehicle interior systems; always keeping sustainable and recyclable materials in mind.
Mike and his team are currently working on a range of projects targeting more sustainable materials and engineering solutions for future vehicles. Projects include next generation sustainable seating materials, focusing on a more sustainable solution for PU foam, cellulose based material as an alternative to leather, lower carbon plastics including recycled and bio grades, and Mike has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from University of Bath, and began his career at Ford Motor Company in 1997 as Buyer. He has also worked with other automotive companies such as Jaguar, Toyota, Honda, and Mazda, which gave him the opportunity to be involved in different cultures. He began his career at Polestar as Commercial & Project Lead within R&D in 2021 prior tohis role as Principal Project Leader.

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