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Ravi Gurumurthy

Chief Executive Officer - Nesta

Ravi is CEO of Nesta, the UK’s innovation agency for social good. In March 2021, Nesta published its ambitious 10-year strategy which aims to improve the lives of millions through mission-led innovation. 

Ravi previously founded and led the Airbel Innovation Lab at the International Rescue Committee where he was responsible for designing, testing and scaling products and services for people affected by the crisis in over 40 countries, from reducing acute malnutrition to expanding employment for refugees. 

Prior to joining the International Rescue Committee in 2013, Ravi held a number of roles in the UK Government, including Director of Strategy at the Department of Energy and Climate Change and strategic advisor to the Foreign Secretary. During this period, Ravi now sits on the Europe board of the global energy charity, the Environmental Defense Fund.

Ravi also brings an international perspective to the issue, having worked in the FCDO to make climate change one of its main priorities, and more recently on how to mitigate the effects of displacement from climate change at the International Rescue Committee. 

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