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Roeland P-J E Decorte

Founder and CEO - Decorte Future Industries Ltd

Dr Roeland P-J E Decorte is the Founder and CEO of Decorte Future Industries, which uses groundbreaking artificial intelligence to extract health data from sound. 

With a PhD in ancient codebreaking from the University of Cambridge, which he joined as the youngest student from his nation in its history, his doctoral work was recognised by global experts before he founded Decorte in 2019. 

He built the initial exoskeleton technologies kickstarting the company over two years of work between 2018-2020, attracting the interest and ultimately endorsement of the UK Ministry of Defence and government. The company remained a one-man band until selected for Techstars London in 2020, during which it assembled a world-class team, including CTO Erika Bondareva, and raised its first equity round. Decorte is now venture-backed and conducting clinical trials and studies in the US and India.

Decorte executes on its mission to enable an internet of bodies by building a wholly novel machine learning engine that can non-invasively extract complex health data such as cardiovascular, respiratory, mental and physical health metrics, simply from sound captured by standard microphones.

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