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Yu-Hsiang Hsu

Associate Professor - Institute of Applied Mechanics, National Taiwan University

Dr. Yu-Hsiang Hsu joined the faculty of the Institute of Applied Mechanics at the National Taiwan University in August 2013. His research primary focus on four fields: (1) microphysiological system (MPS) to develop human tissue system for drug discovery and drug screening, including vessel-on-a-chip, heart-on-a-chip, and tumor-on-a-chip; (2) polymer-based in vitro diagnostic devices for the applications of chronic human diseases, and system integration for portable devices; (3) wearable devices: develop highly compliant textile sensors for swallow sensing, muscle contractions, body movement, blood pressure, and health monitoring; (4) smart materials: develop optopiezoelectric composites for the applications of optically controllable pumps, valves, and sonic motors.

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