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Alex Book

Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer - Arcade

Alex is a creative strategist with a passion for technology and the positive impact it can have on individual and societal ways of life. He spent his early career in the murky waters of finance but quickly realised it was leaving him dissatisfied.

He gained his MBA at Royal Holloway and used the broader strategic vision it gave him to shift into the creative industries. He became a highly successful brand strategist, working on a vast array of local and global brands over a 12-year career, most recently for the global agency FutureBrand.

He co-founded award-winning immersive experience agency Arcade in 2018 and, alongside his fellow founders, has built the business into one of the most exciting emergent players in the immersive technology landscape. He brings his rigorous planning and creative writing skills to the fore in all of Arcade’s work, splitting his time between managing projects and designing the narratives they portray.

Arcade was identified as one of the CreaTech 'Ones to Watch' at CogX 2019 and 2020, and Alex and his co-founders were named amongst Britain’s leading teams by Great British Entrepreneurs in 2020.


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