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Anil Seth

Professor of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience - University of Sussex

Anil Seth is a neuroscientist, author, and public speaker who has pioneered research into the brain basis of consciousness for more than twenty years. He is a Professor of Neuroscience at the University of Sussex, Co-director of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research Program on Brain, Mind and Consciousness, a European Research Council Advanced Investigator, and Editor-in-Chief of the academic journal Neuroscience of Consciousness.

He has published more than 180 research papers and is recognized by Web of Science as being in the top 1% of researchers in his field in the world. As a former Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellow, his two TED talks have been viewed more than thirteen million times, he has appeared in several films and he has written for Aeon, The Guardian, Granta, New Scientist, and Scientific American. His new book Being You: A New Science of Consciousness was an instant Sunday Times Bestseller and a 2021 Book of the Year for The Economist, The New Statesman, Bloomberg Business, The Guardian, The Financial Times and elsewhere.


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