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Ariel Camus

Founder & CEO - Microverse

Ariel is the founder & CEO of Microverse, a global school for remote professionals that is free until students land a high-paying international job.

Microverse was part of Y Combinator and has received $17M in capital from investors such as Northzone and General Catalyst.

Ariel grew up in Argentina, went to school in Europe, sold his previous startup in San Francisco, taught in Africa, and lived in Asia for a year. In his life's journey, he's seen that talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not.

Nowadays, the Internet makes it possible for anyone to connect with global jobs regardless of where they were born or live. However, paying for a great education is incredibly difficult for most people.

Ariel started Microverse to change that—to help people from all around the globe become world-class professionals at no upfront cost and to connect them with global jobs no matter their location, gender, or background.


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