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Sarah Dillon

Professor of Literature and the Public Humanities - University of Cambridge

Dr Sarah Dillon is Professor of Literature and the Public Humanities in the Faculty of English at the University of Cambridge. Her most recent books are 'Storylistening: Narrative Evidence and Public Reasoning' (2021) and 'AI Narratives: A History of Imaginative Thinking About Intelligent Machines' (2020). Co-authored with Claire Craig, 'Storylistening', provides a theory and practice for gathering narrative evidence that will complement and strengthen, not distort, other forms of evidence, including that from science.

A co-edited collection of essays, 'AI Narratives' examines the history of imaginative thinking about intelligent machines from antiquity to the present, and explores how this narrative history influences the development, deployment and regulation of contemporary technologies. Sarah has published reports on 'Portrayals and Perceptions of AI and Why They Matter,' and 'AI and Gender: 5 Proposals for Future Research'. She also works as an arts broadcaster for BBC Radio 3 and BBC Radio 4.


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