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Ashley Casovan

Executive Director - Responsible AI Institute

Ashley is a recognized technology policy expert who has dedicated her career to ensuring data and technology are used in a manner that protects the public. Primarily working in the public sector, her experience lies at the intersection of responsible AI governance, standards, and data governance. Ashley’s ultimate mission is to provide safe, responsible technology that is equitable and safe for all.

Ashley currently serves as the Executive Director of the Responsible AI Institute (RAII), a multi-stakeholder non-profit dedicated to mitigating harm and unintended consequences of AI systems. RAII’s current objective is completing the architecture for the world’s first independent, accredited certification for responsible AI systems. Previously, Ashley served as the Director of Data and Digital for the Government of Canada, where she led the development of the first national government policy for responsible AI. Her work and ability to bring experts together to solve important challenges have led to meaningful change in government and industry.

Actively working to influence change, Ashley is a member of OECD’s Network of Experts in the AI Policy Advisory, Chair of the Responsible AI Certification Program with the World Economic Forum’s Global AI Action Alliance, an executive board member of the International Centre of Expertise in Montréal on Artificial Intelligence (CEIMIA), and a member of the IFIP/IP3 Global Industry Council (GIC) within the UN. She also lends her time as an expert advisory committee member for the Global Index on Responsible AI.

Ashley also acts as a technical subject matter expert for multiple government organizations and standards organizations, including advising the US Department of Defense and Government Accountability Office, Canada’s AI Strategy Council Public Awareness Working Group, ISO, OCEANIS, and IEEE. She has lent her voice to a myriad of working councils, lecture series, and conferences with the goal of educating the public on the adoption of responsible AI in practice.


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