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Molly Webb

Founder - Energy Unlocked

Molly has 18 years of experience in market acceleration & advocacy for global innovation in tech, climate change, smart cities and energy. She has worked in partnership with companies and cities (Google, Cisco, BT, Arup) at The Climate Group and UK think tank Demos. Molly set up the non-profit Energy Unlocked in 2015 to accelerate energy system transitions through policy, programme design and innovator support, including with Greater London Authority, the Coalition for Urban Transitions, International Energy Agency and innovators including Gommyr and LO3 Energy.

She founded Yoyu Tech Ltd in 2020 to make it easy for consumers to control the carbon in their electricity use. She serves as a jury member for cleanweb and clean tech awards. Earlier in her career, she worked in software and IT product development in New York, Tokyo and London. Molly has an MSc in Environmental Policy from the London School of Economics.


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