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Ross Nkama

Co-founder - Korp

​​Ross started coding over the summer as a hobby at 15. Realizing his passion, he made the risky decision to enrol in a new startup-like computer science specialist high school.

This was the beginning of his journey where he was able to accomplish amazing things while meeting a variety of talented people along the way through hackathons, competitions, and other events including CogX!

By 17, he had taught himself and undergrads, graduate-level computer science concepts, undertaken a lot of interesting personal projects like building a virtual self-driving car, and had spoken at places like the telegraph about model AI and Web 2.0.

At 18, he began an apprenticeship programme at Google UK to be a software engineer where he ended up staying for 3 years.

During this time, Ross and a friend decided to take another risk, quitting Google and founding a software consultancy where they took on a number of big contracts including Facebook Enterprise, Facebook AI and Research, Lyst, Bank of America, DRVN solutions, Bright Network Technology Academy, and more.

Ross and his co-founder went on with their company for about half a year before noticing a recurring problem within all of these companies which they were perfectly placed to solve having their own big tech experience.

In response, they both put and hold on the consulting work to pursue the creation of their very own product which they are working on right now.


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