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Ryan Carver

Senior Director of DC Infrastructure, Innovation & Sustainability - Microsoft

Ryan leads the Innovation & Sustainability Execution, and Data Center Optimization team at Microsoft in their Cloud Operations & Innovation Organization. His main focus for the Innovation and Sustainability Execution is to work across the company to help drive the Sustainability Roadmap alongside many of Microsoft’s sustainability leaders as they chart towards their 100/100/0 energy transition journey, and test out new innovative & sustainable strategic solutions.

If new solutions show positive benefits for the company and are geared toward positive energy transition, he works collaboratively and inclusively to commercialize the tech with partner engineering teams, focused on both physical and logical engineering to help make Microsoft the most sustainable tech company in the world. Ryan’s additional focus on Data Center Campus Optimization also ties into company sustainability goals, as his team constantly searches for new ways to better optimize existing assets and consume less greenfield space by reimaging how to extrapolate more from the existing, and consume less green space while continuing to provide Data Center Capacity to Azure customers.

He sits on a Green Sustainable Technology board for Long-Duration Energy Storage (LDES) and works with policymakers, commercial organizations, and industry peers to work collectively, pushing the world towards a greener future. Ryan’s background in large, complex, high profile developments & Innovations includes The New York Yankees Stadium, Two World Trade centre pre-construction management, Healthcare Construction Portfolio Management, and High Tech Industrial Construction Programs, IT Immersion Cooling, IT Circular Economy Programs.


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