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Teddy Pahagbia

Founder & CEO - BLVCK PiXEL

Teddy is a visionary thinker, a bold entrepreneur and a tech geek. Formerly a Management Consultant having worked for mid to large size companies across various industries and government agencies in Western Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa, Teddy has been recognized in 2021 as one of the top 30 most influential people in the Metaverse.
As the Metaverse Industry continues to evolve, he is a leading voice, daringly paving the way through his efforts to evangelize, educate, advise, develop and create the successor to today’s mobile internet.
As the Founder of BLVCK PiXEL, a Metaverse & Digital Innovation Consultancy based in Paris, he works with major brands and world-recognised companies to future-proof their business models. The company thrives by using an interdisciplinary approach, fusing anthropological ideas and technology, to unlock opportunities in the digital age.


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