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Alex Arias

CEO and Co-founder - Trailblazer Games

Alex is the CEO and Co-founder of Trailblazer Games, the developers of Eternal Dragons, a web3 fantasy game franchise.

Originally from Chile, Alex is a serial entrepreneur in the mobile gaming industry. Trailblazer Games, his most recent venture, announced its 8.2 MUSD seed-stage funding in March 2022. Omniata, his previous VC-backed gaming and data startup, was acquired by King in 2017. His first platform for distributing mobile games was acquired by Digital Chocolate in 2007.

Alex has worked in leadership roles at King, EA, Microsoft and Digital Chocolate over a 15+ year journey, based in Helsinki, Barcelona, San Francisco, Seattle and Stockholm, driving innovation in gaming, growth, live ops, data and AI.

Alex now lives in a small and peaceful town in the south of Sweden, running a globally distributed team striving to take gaming into the web3 era in a sustainable way, driven by fun and centred around the community.


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