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Alexandr Vidiborskiy

Partner - Atomico (UK) Partners LLP

Alexander (Sasha) Vidiborskiy is a Partner at Atomico based in London. He is a quantum physicist by background and specialises in enterprise software including developer tools, cloud infrastructure, and AI/ML applications among others.

Before joining Atomico, Sasha was a Senior Associate at Runa Capital where he worked with entrepreneurs from Nginx, Keymetrics / PM2, Yoopies, Cloudlinux and many others. Prior to that, he ran Business Operations at Bitcalm, a 1-click backup and recovery SaaS for SMEs. Sasha started his career as a Research Associate at a theoretical physics lab where he built a first-in-class tunable superconducting metamaterial.

Sasha holds BSc in Microelectronics and MSc in Theoretical Physics from MISIS, MSc in Innovation Studies from Skoltech in collaboration with MIT, and an MBA from Harvard Business School.


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