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Camilla McFarland

VP of Customer Success - Mojito

Camilla is the VP of Customer Success, working across product and growth to ensure Mojito customers achieve their business goals in web3. As an active member of the web3 community (as part of PleasrDAO, FWB, UnicornDAO, UkraineDAO and more), Camilla guarantees our customers are up to speed on industry trends and well-versed in all of the happenings of web3 and NFTs.

Following her time as Client Service Content Manager at Bridgewater Associates and Head of Financial Services Product Marketing at ConsenSys, Camilla was previously VP of Operations at Serotonin, building processes for portfolio growth and scaling client engagement.

A marketer and people-connector with a macro-mindset, Camilla is obsessed with how the world will adapt to the changing dynamics of web3.


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