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Kaare Kjelstroem

Group CTO & CPO - Concordium

Kåre is the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Product Officer of Concordium.

He holds an MS in Computer Science from the University of Aarhus and joined Concordium from a stealth-mode hypergrowth American pre-IPO startup where he managed the SRE, Storage, Compute, and Software Networking groups. Kåre built up the organization across 15 time zones, created high-performance teams, and launched offices in Denmark and Lithuania.

Previously Kåre managed Core Storage teams at Uber building highly scalable distributed ledger and storage solutions, initially from Denmark and later on from Toronto, Canada; here he doubled as the Site Lead bringing all of Uber’s Toronto operations under the same roof.

In an earlier capacity, Kåre was a co-founder of the consulting company Silverbullet where he helped drive the digital transformation of the Danish Public Sector with a focus on PKI secured service to service communication.


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