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Michael Gord

CEO - GDA Capital Corporation

Michael Gord is a serial entrepreneur and investor who has been focused on the mainstream adoption of digital assets for the past decade. Michael is the Co-founder & CEO of Global Digital Assets (GDA) Group of Companies, which is focused across capital markets verticals in the blockchain industry, Metaverse Group, which holds an 8 figure metaverse real estate portfolio and is one of the world's first builders in the metaverse, NFT BAZL – a boutique NFT marketplace that is focused on investment-grade NFTs and has 50+ blockchain portfolio companies.

Michael was previously the Managing Director of the XDB Foundation, the leading blockchain protocol focused on consumer digital assets, and was the CEO of MLG Blockchain, where he advised Fortune 500 companies and governments on their blockchain strategy. Michael was one of the first advocates for digital assets in Canada, built the first university communities for blockchains in the country and was the first enterprise blockchain developer that TD Bank hired. Michael has introduced digital assets to tens of thousands of people through his initiatives.


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