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Muki Kulhan

Chief Innovation Officer, Executive XR/MetaTech Producer & Creative Technologist - Muki-international Ltd

Muki is a multi-award-winning Executive Digital XR/MetaTech Producer & Creative Technologist with over two decades of creating groundbreaking interactive experiences for music, sport, broadcasting and tech innovation. Recent work includes creative Immersive XR production and strategies with Red Bull, Viacom/Paramount and a prestigious National Gallery ‘X’ residency with Playlines and the critically acclaimed “Art of London: Augmented Gallery”.

She is also the Innovation Co-Lead for the IBC Accelerators Media Innovation Programme showcasing industry-led R&D consortiums with a focus on 5G Location-Based Extended Realities (IBC’s Project of the Year 2021), Digital Humans, Real-Time 3D Game Engines, 6DoF Immersive Audio, Virtual & Volumetric Production.

Previously, after 10+ years of launching and pioneering MTV/Viacom’s (now Paramount) first digital interactive platforms in the ‘00s, Muki went on to Executive Produce and revolutionise other A-List titles like BBC The Voice UK (which included “The Virtual Voice’, the BBC’s first-ever series of 360°VR “way back” in 2015), an Angry Birds/Samsung multi-platform experience, a live global interactive show for Marvel’s IronMan3, and the LBE spatial audio drum & bass hit ‘Consequences’ for Playlines AR and BOSE which was awarded the headline experience at Raindance Immersive 2019, Digital Catapult’s Surroundscapes and also won the runner up Innovation in Storytelling Prize at the 2018 Future of Storytelling (FoST) summit.

In addition to being a regular speaker at COGX, Muki also sits on several industry Advisory Boards, Juries and Diversity/Inclusion Committees, namely for Royal Television Society, Soho Media Club, Abbey Road Studios, Women in Immersive Tech, XR4Europe, XR Safety Initiative and is a globally in-demand keynote speaker & contributing author to tech papers, standards and thought leadership articles.



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