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Tom Henriksson

General Partner - OpenOcean

Tom is a General Partner at OpenOcean and passionate about data software that is quick to love and built on strong technology. He is a big believer in privacy-preserving consumer data solutions and a thought leader in intelligent enterprise automation. After driving several highly profitable exits for OpenOcean funds during 2021, Tom now holds board seats in Cambri, Leadoo, Operations1, Personalyze, Thimble and Workfellow.

Tom’s previous experience includes launching and leading Nokia Interactive Advertising – the leading first-generation premium mobile ad network. Tom scaled the business from scratch to $50 million in revenues in less than three years, including the acquisition of Boston-based Enpocket Inc.

His first encounter with Monty and the MySQL crew happened as co-founder and Managing Partner of Holton Ventures, leading the Series A round in MySQL.


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